Why Women Are Wearing Men's Watches

    In the early 1990’s, Christie Brinkley was spotted wearing a men’s Breitling watch. While controversial at the time, it sparked the current trend of women choosing luxury watches made for men instead of women.

    Women Wearing Men's Watches

    In the early 1990’s, Christie Brinkley was spotted wearing a men’s Breitling watch. While controversial at the time, it sparked the current trend of women choosing luxury watches made for men instead of women.

    So, Why Do Women Choose To Wear Men's Watches?

    Lets take a closer look at why women are wearing men's watches. Part of the reason comes down to aesthetics. Styles that are traditionally considered ‘masculine’ often appeal to women as style becomes increasingly androgynous. Looking back to the earlier decades of the 20th century, wearing pants was still considered unladylike and vulgar. In the 1920s, as women became more liberated from the constraints of society, wearing pants was representative of progression in gender equality. Today, style is still a way for women to make a stance, and incorporating more typically male styles within female fashion is a way of encouraging the idea that: if you like it, you should wear it.

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    One accessory that is becoming increasingly popular for women to wear from the men’s department is a luxury watch. Watch wearers are often thought of as a being part of a niche club of people who are passionate about and understand the value and different features of timepieces. It has also long been a predominantly male club, which is arguably why, by wearing men’s watches women are making a statement that they too can be part of the club of watch aficionados.

    What Is The Difference Between Women And Men’s Watches?

    Although there is no real reason as to why men’s watches would be different to women’s watches, it comes down to style preferences. There are generally some stylistic differences between women and men’s watches, which is why some women may choose to buy from the men’s range.

    • The strap: Men’s watches will typically have a much thicker strap than women’s watches, making them appear a lot chunkier and less delicate.
    • The wrist size: The size of men’s watches tend to be larger than women’s watches, which in some cases might deter women with particularly small wrists from buying a men's watch.
    • The dial: Women’s watches often have smaller dials, in line with the smaller straps in order to create a daintier look, whereas men’s watches can look a lot more cumbersome. Another difference is that men’s watches often have more intricate dial features, whereas women’s watches tend to be a lot simpler but are more likely to feature embellishments.
    • The color: Men’s watches are also more likely to come in darker shades, whereas women’s watches are often in softer tones such as rose gold and paler leathers.
    • The weight: Due to their more delicate details, women’s watches are often a lot less heavy, as well as being smaller in size.

    The overall look of men’s watches on women is that they are oversized, chunky, with fewer unnecessary frills and more functional features. Men’s watches also have a tendency to be flashier in style purely due to size, whereas women’s watches are much softer, smaller and understated. Although some women may prefer the more delicate styles of watches that ladies watches offer, wearing men’s watches can create a tougher look, especially when contrasted with a feminine ensemble such as a dress. Women wanting to make more of a statement are more likely to opt for a men’s watch, predominantly because they take up more wrist space.

    Which Men’s Watches Are Popular With Women?

    Generally, the more classic styles are more popular with women, as opposed to men’s watches that have a sportier look. Classic luxury men’s watches on women create an effortlessly chic, statement look.

    Rolex watches have long been symbols of wealth and status among its male wearers, and so, a woman wearing a men’s Rolex shows that women can be just as successful. Styles from Rolex such as the Daytona have been seen on the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and they exude success and a sense of power.

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    Lady Gaga is a spokesperson for Tudor watches, namely men’s styles, whereas Cara Delevingne is an ambassador for Tag Heuer, and has been seen sporting more masculine styles of watches, with thicker straps and larger dials.

    Some of the most popular men’s watches among women are: Rolex, Breitling and larger Cartier timepieces. Old, vintage men’s dress watches that have smaller faces are also favored among women.

    Should I Wear A Men’s Watch If I Am A Woman?

    Some watch manufacturers do create women’s watches in more typically masculine styles: oversized, larger dials and thicker straps. However, if you want to buy from the men’s section, there is absolutely no reason why you should not. The only drawback can be the wrist size of the watch. It is important to try on the watch in person before buying, this will ensure that the watch fits your wrist, especially if your wrists are on the smaller size.

    When buying your first luxury watch, the same rules apply for women and men’s watches. You want to make sure to take the time to consider whether or not you will feel comfortable in it and how much wear you will realistically get out of it on a day-to-day basis. And if you prefer the style of men’s watches, there is absolutely no reason why you should not opt for one – just remember to try it on first!

    Essentially, there is only one takeaway from women wearing men’s watches: where whatever you like and whatever makes you happy.

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