Who Is Phoebe Philo? And, Why Is Her Name Everywhere?

    If you miss ‘Old Céline’, then the likelihood is that you are a fan of Phoebe Philo. Read on to find out more about the illustrious fashion creative.

    Phoebe Philo

    If you miss ‘Old Céline’, then the likelihood is that you are a fan of Phoebe Philo. Read on to find out more about the illustrious fashion creative.

    Some names are etched into fashion history books. Phoebe Philo is certainly one of them. If you don’t know who she is by name, you’ll definitely know the fashion houses that she has created for.

    In recent days, Phoebe Philo’s name has been all over industry news as well as social media. The esteemed creative director is back on everyone’s radar (not that she ever really left), as Philo debuts her much anticipated eponymous brand.

    So, without further ado, who is Phoebe Philo? And, why is her comeback so important?

    Who Is Phoebe Philo?

    The Early Days

    Now known as a visionary British fashion designer, Phoebe Philo seems to have always been on the scene. But, like with everything, it had to start somewhere.

    Phoebe was born in Paris in 1973 to British parents. She was only two years old when her family returned to the UK, settling in Harrow in London.

    For Philo, her fashion career all began at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She graduated from the school in 1996 and found her place at Chloé. Here, she worked alongside Stella McCartney as her first design assistant for ready-to-wear.

    Phoebe Philo: The Chloé Years (1997-2006)

    Phoebe Philo joined Chloé in 1997, where she would eventually be known for her babydoll dress designs. This was Philo's first foray into working for a Parisian luxury fashion brand.

    In 2001, only four years after joining Chloé, Phoebe Philo succeeded Stella McCartney as creative director.

    Phoebe Philo: The Céline Years (2008-2017)

    During Philo’s tenure at Céline, she revolutionized the brand and breathed a new life into the fashion house. With this, came a lot of new Céline fans thanks to the fresh perspective. 

    This era for Céline was hugely successful, especially thanks to the introduction of a number of iconic bags; such as the Trapeze, the Luggage, and the Trio models.

    Vanessa Friedman, a fashion critic, said that Philo ‘made Céline matter in a way it never had before’. Philo departed the brand after the Pre-Fall 2018 collection.

    Phoebe Philo's time at Céline was so influential on the fashion landscape that there are a number of Instagram pages paying tribute to the designer's time at the brand. Some of these include The Archive Dot Com and Old Céline.

    Phoebe Philo Celine bags

    The Phoebe Philo Effect

    What Is Phoebe Philo Known For?

    She is known predominantly for her focus on functionality. Philo’s designs have always been characterized by clean lines, relaxed tailoring, and an understated elegance throughout.

    Philo was at the forefront of the minimalist aesthetic movement of the 2010s. This was particularly the case during the designer's time at Céline. The balancing act of simplicity and more intricate detailing is echoed in her new namesake label

    Phoebe Philo’s Own Label

    A few years after leaving Chloé, Philo teased the idea of launching her own brand in the future.

    The Phoebe Philo brand was launched on Monday, 30 October, 2023. Unsurprisingly, one the day of the launch, many of the items on site were already sold out.

    The brand was first announced two years prior to the launch, in 2021. Fans, or ‘Philophiles’, had been left on tenterhooks ever since the announcement was made. Ever since Phoebe Philo had left Céline, many of her fans have mourned what is now referred to as ‘Old Céline’. 

    Note: the brand has since removed the accent on the first ‘e’, signifying a new beginning once again for the fashion house.

    The items in the designer’s first collection encapsulate the Phoebe Philo aesthetic: simple and understated, with a few more surprising oversized silhouettes to match the trends of today. The collection has not only ready-to-wear but accessories too, such as sunglasses and bags. 

    The colors in the collection are more warm-leaning, with shades such as ‘cigar’ and ‘bitter brown’. The clothing in the collection is largely asymmetrical with a big focus on texture, from sheer fabrics to heavily embroidered detailing. In true Phoebe Philo fashion, there is of course a lot of tailoring in the edit.

    Some of the fan-favorite pieces include the currently sold out ‘MUM’ necklace and the Small Kit Cabas tote bag.

    Where Can I Buy Phoebe Philo Designs?

    There are two routes you can go down when it comes to buying Phoebe Philo designs.

    Shop Phoebe Philo’s Own Brand

    If you have the funds to buy from Phoebe Philo’s newly launched brand, this might be a good option for you. Be warned though, the prices range from $500 to just under $15,000, while some items require a request.

    Shop Pre-Owned Chloé & Céline

    Look for Chloé designs from between 1997 and 2007, or Céline designs from between 2008 and 2018. 

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