The Top 5 Sustainable Luxury Brands

    As consumers become more and more conscious of their carbon footprint, sustainability has become a crucial word in our vocabulary. Discover some of the top sustainable luxury brands and how you can become a more eco-conscious shopper.

    sustainable luxury brands

    Everyone has the word ‘sustainability’ on the tip of their tongue. Learning to adapt to a world in which the environment has to become a priority, you may be wondering what some of the top sustainable luxury brands are. That’s where we jump in to help.

    What Is Sustainable Luxury?

    Sustainability can be viewed sometimes as a buzzword. With greenwashing at the epicenter of the fashion industry, we’re all used to seeing brands claiming to be the sustainable option. Sometimes, it’s not the ones that scream the loudest that are actually making the most positive movements towards a true sustainable and ever-evolving business model.

    There are several pillars to consider when it comes to sustainability in luxury fashion. Some of these include: production, quality, and longevity.


    The most sustainable brands will consider their production methods to save on using pesticides, too much water, and limit how much CO2 is being emitted. There are other contributing factors to ensuring a more sustainable production, which will depend from company to company.

    Some may choose to cut down production numbers and reduce waste, especially brands that are either made to order or put out a small number of collections per year. The goal for any company with the environment in mind is to work towards becoming carbon neutral, or even better, carbon negative.


    Using high-quality materials, which tends to be more prevalent in luxury, is better for the planet. For one, it makes the product more likely to last and therefore less likely to end up in landfill. Also, natural and high-quality fabrics do not put microplastics into the ocean when being washed or destroyed. Not only are better quality items more in keeping with luxury style, but they are also usually more socially and environmentally friendly.


    Classic luxury pieces stand the test of time in terms of the aforementioned quality pillar, but they also aren’t usually the trend-focused pieces we see so often from fast fashion brands.

    The absolute most sustainable way to purchase luxury is through a pre-owned company. Pre-owned luxury offers high quality but not necessarily with the high price tag associated with designer brands. When you buy pre-owned, you give a designer piece a new lease on life and prevent it from going to landfill.

    What Are The Top Sustainable Luxury Brands?

    1. Stella McCartney
    2. Balenciaga
    3. Burberry
    4. Gucci
    5. Bottega Veneta
    pre-owned Stella McCartney bag

    1. Stella McCartney

    Ethical style is at the core of Stella McCartney’s DNA. As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, the designs never include any fabrics derived from animals, such as leather, suede, and silk. Although, ethical fashion does not always equate to sustainability.

    As we know, vegan leather is often made from plastic, which is not a sustainable material by any means. However, Stella McCartney has put sustainability at the center of its ethos by investing in technology to create more sustainable materials. In 2021, the brand created its first garment from Mylo, a leather alternative made from mushrooms.

    2. Balenciaga

    The Paris-based brand has made leaps and bounds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Balenciaga uses some recycled fabrics and abstains from using hazardous chemicals in its leather production.

    By following strong regulations and being transparent in its processes, Balenciaga is one of the top sustainable luxury fashion brands. There is a clear effort to adhere to sustainable practices in its production.

    3. Burberry

    While Burberry is making moves towards sustainability in its supply chain and production processes, the brand doesn’t rank particularly well in terms of its animal welfare (according to Good On You).

    The brand reuses textile waste to ensure a minimum of material is sent to landfill. Overall, Burberry is one of the brands looking to increase its sustainability credentials and making a clear effort to do so.

    4. Gucci

    Similarly to Burberry, Gucci is making steps towards becoming a more eco-conscious business. The brand uses recycled materials and is making moves to more sustainable production. Gucci also doesn’t use any exotic animal skins or fur, which is much more ethical to source secondhand.

    5. Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta is another fashion label making efforts to make its production and business model more sustainable. The brand uses materials such as organic cotton, which have a less harmful effect on the environment. Bottega Veneta still has ways to go on the sustainability scale but it is certainly making moves to improve its environmental impact.

    The Most Sustainable Luxury Brand: Stella McCartney

    While Stella McCartney is the clear winner for sustainable luxury, the other fashion houses are perhaps not quite so obvious. Yet, there is enough data to support that these are the big names in luxury striving to be more eco-minded than their competitors.

    However, shopping pre-owned is without a doubt the only truly sustainable way to shop for luxury.

    Why Should I Shop Pre-Owned?

    pre-owned Burberry bag

    There are so many reasons why shopping pre-owned luxury is a winning move. In a nutshell, when you shop pre-owned, you buy what is already available and you thereby support a circular economy. This helps to reduce landfill waste, but it also allows buyers to buy better quality within their budget.

    Someone who might be able to afford high street can afford low to middle-price luxury when buying pre-owned. Whereas a buyer who usually shops lower to middle-price luxury can afford top-tier luxury when choosing pre-owned.

    Buying pre-owned is the right choice for your wallet and for our planet.

    Where Can I Buy The Top Sustainable Luxury Brands?

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