Top Jewelry to Wear to Work

    Our top picks for jewelry to wear in the work place.

    Top Jewelry To Wear To Work


    Jewelry to Wear To Work

    Struggling to choose what jewelry to wear to work? Your decision may be based more on what first catches your eye when you peer into your jewelry box or what is laying out on your dresser from the day before. In today’s chaotic world, that’s completely understandable. Convenience drives many of the decisions we make.

    But, there are some very good reasons for taking the time to carefully consider what jewelry would be best to wear to work. First, while you would rather not think that you are being evaluated by others in the workplace, the fact is, image matters. You can choose to disregard that fact, or you can decide to use it to your advantage by leveraging your jewelry to express yourself to those around you.

    A second reason to make smart decisions about jewelry for the workplace is that in addition to your coworkers assessing you, you are assessing you. One of the biggest factors in success on the job is confidence, and every woman knows that you just feel more self-assured when you are “put together,” which includes jewelry.

    And last but not least, jewelry allows you to add a little individuality and expression to your work attire. So have fun picking out pieces of jewelry that you can accessorize your work wardrobe with.

    9 Key Considerations For Jewelry Selection

    Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your jewelry for the workplace:

    1. Assess your industry. While they aren’t set in stone, every type of business has some commonly followed (if not officially documented) guidelines on what kind of jewelry to wear. For example, if your company is in a creative field (graphic design, for example), it is not just allowed, but almost encouraged, for employees to go big and bold in their jewelry selection. But, if you work in a traditionally more reserved area like politics, finance, or academia, the expectation may be that your jewelry be very understated.
    2. Evaluate your company culture. The unwritten rules at a company don’t always mirror that of the industry that the company is in. For example, an investment firm — typically a conservative type of organization — may have a reputation for aggressive financial moves that is reflected in the way people dress and women accessorize. So, although knowing your industry is a good starting point, knowing your company is critical. For more professional settings, discreet pearl earrings are a good option. For more creative organizations, perhaps consider adding a popping of color with a diamond and ruby diamonds by the yard necklace.
    3. Start simple. If you are new to your company or just starting to accessorize more regularly, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics — a simple pair of earrings for example. Then, observe how the look is received and build from there if you feel inclined and you don’t feel any pushback. Consider small, simple diamond hoops.
    4. Avoid jewelry that makes noise. Pieces that clink or clatter as you type on your keyboard, walk around the office, or gesture in meetings can create a distraction for your coworkers and should be avoided. Avoid layering bracelets. Instead, maybe opt for a simple Cartier Love Bracelet instead.
    5. Pick the right pieces for your personality. It’s best to choose jewelry that reflects who you are. This isn’t to say you should never get outside your comfort zone, but if you’re looking to make a change, consider making it gradually.
    6. Avoid pieces that stir controversy. While you certainly have the freedom to speak your mind through your jewelry, pieces that are excessively political, religious, etc. may not go over well with your company or your coworkers, and dealing with their reaction can distract you from your work.
    7. Observe the eyes. Where do a person’s eyes go when they are talking with you? If they are spending more time looking at your large bracelet than into your eyes, that can be a problem. Be sure to gauge the reaction to your jewelry, especially if you are going bold with your selections, then adjust as needed.
    8. Consider the work you’ll do today. If you work in marketing and will be helping to box and move materials for a trade show today, you may want to leave your rings and dangling pendant necklace at home. You’d hate to damage a piece when going minimalist for one day would have kept it safe. A good option for minimalistic jewelry is a pair of simple, discreet designer studs.
    9. Consider your appointment calendar. If your job involves interactions with clients, vendors, and others outside your organization, give some thought to who you’ll be meeting with on a given day. If the person on your calendar tends to wear big, bright pieces, you may want to do the same as a subtle way of saying you appreciate their style. If the person wears little or no jewelry, the same thing applies.


    How You Accessorize Matters

    It’s easy to say that your decision on what jewelry to wear to work is fairly unimportant. But, the truth is it can significantly impact how you look and feel. So the few minutes you spend thinking about how to accessorize on a given day is time well spent.

    You wouldn’t leave the house to go on a date or attend a party without being a little strategic in your jewelry selection. Preparing to head out to your place of employment should be no different. You should take the opportunity to use your accessories to craft just the right look for what’s ahead today.

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