Sell Graff Jewellery

    Since their inception in 1960, Graff has been known for their magnificent gemstones, sophisticated jewellery arrangements and commitment to ethically sourced pieces. From a young age Laurence Graff was captivated by diamonds and founded his namesake brand at just 22 years old.

    Sell Graff Jewellery

    Graff explains, “There is an extreme beauty to a diamond. They give people incredible pleasure and mark life’s most wonderful moments. The emotion that these stones bring is infused throughout everything we do.”. Looking to sell Graff jewellery? It may be something that no longer fits your style or you may have your eye on a new piece of jewellery. Either way, selling your Graff jewellery to a trustworthy buyer is a great way to declutter your jewellery box and receive funds for a new piece that you’ll really love.

    As all Graff jewellery is masterfully crafted with the finest materials, you will want to ensure that you sell Graff jewellery to a reputable buyer who can provide you with a strong offer. We’re here to guide you through the steps of how to sell Graff jewellery quickly, easily and for the best price.

    How To Sell Graff Jewellery?

    1. Collect information about your Graff jewellery
    2. Find a reputable Graff jewellery buyer
    3. Sell your Graff jewellery


    1. Collect Information About Your Graff Jewellery

    To sell Graff jewellery, you will need to gather information about your pieces before you meet with buyers. The more information you have about your Graff jewellery, the easier it will be to get price quotes from potential buyers. Be sure to gather the following information:

    • Collection: Graff jewellery spans multiple collections including Snowfall, Carissa, and Butterfly to name a few. Each collection has its own defining characteristics and price points.
    • Gemstones: Graff is known for their magnificent gemstones that they proudly display in their jewellery. Graff explains, “The Graff way means no shortcuts, no inferior bypassing. Perfecting is the goal, and it’s achieved every time.” Your Graff jewellery may be comprised of diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds of various cuts. Be sure to gather any information, diamond certificates or paperwork you have on these.
    • Box and paperwork: These are the original box and papers that came with your Graff jewellery upon its purchase. You can reference the paperwork to learn all of the necessary information about your jewellery such as its collection, gemstones and gold weight. Having the original box and papers when you sell Graff jewellery will also demonstrate the authenticity of pieces and will increase your offer.
    • Pictures: Many Graff pieces are masterfully complex and taking pictures of your jewellery will further assist potential buyers assess the qualities of your jewellery ahead of time and provide you with a tight price quote.


    2. Find A Reputable Graff Jewellery Buyer

    With all of the information about your Graff jewellery prepared, you are ready to find a reputable buyer. Below are some of the most popular Graff jewellery buyers:

    Pawnshops Local
    May pay in cash
    Low offers
    Auction Houses Employs jewellery experts who can assess the value of your jewellery Auctions are held infrequently
    Can take months or years for your jewellery to sell
    Takes a percentage of your profits
    Best suited for extremely rare, high value items
    Hatton Garden Centrally located in London
    Various buyers to meet with
    May pay in cash
    Not all buyers possess the skills to properly evaluate and price Graff jewellery
    High pressure sales tactics
    Potential unscrupulous buyers
    Online Ads Many platforms to advertise on
    Set your ideal selling price
    Sell directly to your buyer
    Accurately pricing jewellery without industry knowledge is difficult
    No guarantee that your jewellery will sell
    Certain websites will take a percentage of your profits
    Potential scammers
    Expert Jewellery Buyers, such as myGemma Free
    Fast – get paid in as little as 48 hours
    Luxury jewellery experts
    Competitive prices
    No hidden fees
    Sell online or in person
    In person appointment locations are limited to London, Birmingham, New York and Hong Kong. However, you can always sell your jewellery safely and quickly online.

    To sell Graff jewellery quickly, safely and for the best possible price, myGemma is your best option. Our team of dedicated jewellery experts can best evaluate your Graff jewellery and provide you with honest and competitive offers. You can receive payment for your jewellery in as little as 48 after completing our online form. Our expert and trustworthy service has earned us hundreds of positive customer reviews.


    3. Sell Graff Jewellery Online

    Selling your Graff jewellery with myGemma is simple, fast and free. Simply fill out our online form with information about your jewellery and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours with a price quote. After you receive your price quote, you can select from two convenient methods to get a final offer for your jewellery. Both options to are entirely free, secure and fast.


    Schedule An Appointment:

    We host appointments where you can meet with our diamond experts in:

    • Birmingham: Every Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.
    • London: Offered on a monthly basis, please inquire for our next appointment day.

    During your appointment in one of our comfortable and secure offices, you will meet with our jewellery experts who will thoroughly evaluate your Graff jewellery. In less than 30 minutes you will receive a firm price offer and detailed explanation of how we came to this price. You may accept your offer by bank transfer.

    Sell Online:

    Our free and secure online selling service is a convenient solution for selling Graff jewellery from anywhere in the UK. We will provide with a free, fully insured, secure and trackable Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack. When your Graff jewellery arrives at our office, our jewellery team will assess and price your pieces. If you like your final offer you can receive payment by bank transfer. However, if you would rather have your jewellery returned to you, we will mail it back to you for free through the same secure mailing service.

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