How To Sell Designer Items Online

    There are many options when it comes to selling designer items- especially when it comes to selling online. Designer goods can range from clothing, to accessories to jewelry, but there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to selling. This guide will break down the best selling options for different categories of designer items.

    How To Sell Designer Items

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    Why Sell Designer Items?

    There are a number of reasons why you might choose to sell your designer items. You may have made a spur-of-the-moment purchase, without taking into consideration how much you need and would use the item, or you may have fallen out of love with something you bought a long time ago. A lot of designer items tend to be of high value and so by choosing to sell it on, rather than dispose of them, you are able to retrieve some of the money that you spent on it in the first place.

    By selling a designer item, you are also giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy something that you no longer love. Selling rather than disposing of them is not only good for your wallet, but also better for the environment!

    How Much Are My Designer Items Worth?

    Online selling platforms make it a lot easier to determine how much your item is worth, if there are similar items that you can compare it to. Certain items will retain their value more than others. For example, a classic Chanel handbag is always going to be a coveted item and therefore it will sell for an amount fairly close to the original amount (if in good condition!). However, a perhaps more ‘it bag’ from several seasons ago, is not going to fetch quite as much.

    Before selling an item, make sure to check online to see if there are any other comparable items being sold and how much for. It will give you a ballpark figure, or at least a range of what to expect.

    Sell designer items

    Sell Designer Items Online Or In Person?

    This depends on what kind of selling experience you are looking for. Some questions to consider:

    • Do you feel more comfortable selling in person?
    • How quickly are you looking to sell?
    • Are you willing to wait in order to maybe make more money?

    Some people would simply rather sell in person, whether it be at an auction or garage sale. This might be the case if you prefer to deal with most aspects of your life offline rather than online. However, if you are looking to sell a designer item fast, then your best bet is to place it online.

    How To Sell Designer Jewelry, Watches Or Bags?

    Although fashion items often require authenticating, jewelry and watches require even further inspection to ensure the quality and authenticity of the piece. If you are looking to sell designer jewelry, including diamond jewelry and luxury jewelry, at myGemma we offer you a secure and quick selling process. With convenient locations in the UK and in the US, you can make an appointment to visit us in person, or you can simply request an offer by filling out our online form.

    Our jewelry experts, watch experts and geologists are on hand to assess your items and provide you with a fair price based on the current secondhand market. It is a quick and simple transaction, with no hidden fees.

    How To Sell Designer Clothes?

    There are specific websites that enable selling designer clothes to be an easier process. Websites such as Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real act as a middleman between the seller and the buyer. These websites ensure that the items being sold are as described, and authentic.

    Which Website Should I Choose?

    The item is in ____ condition

    • Very good: If your item is almost as new, selling on a website such as The Real Real is a good choice. Buyers go to this platform to find designer items in great condition and your item will sell best on The Real Real if it’s in excellent condition.
    • Good/acceptable: Another great website for selling designer goods is on Vestiaire Collective, which allows sellers to sell items in a variety of conditions. You simply upload clear images and a description of your item along with a suggested price. Vestiaire Collective will then either accept or decline your item, based on the suitability for their site and either accept the price or suggest an altered one. The website features professional sellers and personal seller, and it attracts vintage lovers who may not mind if the item looks a little used. Vestiaire Collective will show you the selling price and how much of the money you will receive after fees. They also handle all the shipping and authenticate your item before sending it on to the buyer.
    • Poor: If your item may not be looking its best, it may be best to sell to a professional buyer who will then restore the item. Items in poor quality are not likely to fetch much, unless it is extremely rare, but it is still worth selling it onto someone who will restore it and give it a new lease-of-life and chance to be loved again.

    The item is a _____ piece

    • Trend: Trend pieces will usually sell well only within the period in which it is still considered covetable. Selling online is your best bet as potential buyers will regularly be looking online for the item to pop up. If it is a higher end trend piece (by a brand such as Chloe or Gucci) you are best selling on a website like Vestiaire Collective, which attracts high fashion lovers looking for harder-to-find pieces.
    • Past trend: If your item is no longer considered a trend piece (but not a classic either!), you may need to cut your losses and accept a lower selling price. If the item is by a luxury designer brand (such as Louis Vuitton or Prada), you may want to sell on a website that ensures authentication, such as Vestiaire Collective or The Real Real. If not, websites such as Gumtree, EBay, Depop and Craigslist are all viable options.
    • Classic: Classic designer pieces always sell well. Whether you want to sell online or offline, you have plenty of options. If your item is over 50 years old, you could sell your item to a vintage buyer, otherwise selling it on an online marketplace is an easy option. It is recommended to use a mediator website such as Vestiaire Collective, as it ensures that your item is authenticated, properly tracked and that no scams take place.

    The item originally cost _____

    • >$100 - $500: EBay, Gumtree, Depop
    • >$500 - $1,000: Vestiaire Co
    • >$1,000 - $10,000: Vestiaire Co, auction, professional buyer