How To Sell Cartier Watches

    Have you been holding onto a Cartier timepiece that you’re ready to part with, but not sure where or how to sell Cartier watches? Whether you are selling a stainless steel Cartier Santos-Dumont, Calibre de Cartier or Tank Francaise, the good news is that now it’s easier than ever to sell luxury watches.

    How To Sell Cartier Watches Online

    However, finding your perfect Cartier watch buyer can feel daunting, especially if you are a first-time luxury watch seller. To make selling your timepiece a simple and painless process, keep reading as we show you how to sell Cartier watches in 4 easy steps.

    How to Sell Cartier Watches

    1. Gather all necessary information
    2. Choose a reputable Cartier watch buyer
    3. Get a quote
    4. Get a final price and get paid
    how to sell cartier watches

    1. Gather All Necessary Information

    The first step in how to sell Cartier watches begins with gathering all the necessary information about your timepiece. This way, when you inquire with potential watch buyers you can share these details about your watch to receive a price quote. The more information you have about your Cartier watch, the tighter your price quote will be.

    Be sure to know the following about your Cartier watch:

    • Model and Model Number: Certain Cartier models are in higher demand than others, such as timepieces from the Ballon Bleu collection. Our head horologist, Tom Pozsgay explained that, “Ballon Bleu retains more of their value because of the great demand for this style.” You can find your watch’s model number on its paperwork and for newer Cartier timepieces, four-digits of its eight-digit model number are printed on the watch’s caseback. You can also look up a model number in Cartier’s reference books which are available in libraries and online.
    • Age: The age of your watch will factor into its value. For example, an original 1983 Panthere watch will have a different value than a modern day Panthere model.
    • Condition: The condition of your watch will greatly influence its value. For instance, if your timepiece has been regularly serviced and is in good condition, this will positively reflect in your offer. However, if your Cartier watch has not been regularly serviced, is damaged or has been repaired with components from a different brand, this will negatively affect its price. Don’t worry if your watch has some minor damage, you will still be able to sell it.
    • Box and Papers: Having the original box and papers that came with the purchase of your Cartier timepiece will increase your offer. These official materials will demonstrate the authenticity of your watch and many collectors prefer to buy timepieces with their original box and papers in good condition. However, you can still sell your Cartier watch without its box and papers.
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    2. Choose A Reputable Cartier Watch Buyer

    The next step for how to sell Cartier watches is to find a trustworthy buyer. There are a great number of luxury timepiece buyers that you can choose from, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. Below are some of the most popular Cartier watch buyers, consider which is the best option for you.


    Pawnshops are a fast option for those who wish to sell their Cartier watch locally. Some pawnshops may be able to pay you in cash. While this sounds like a good deal, it’s important to understand that many pawnshops do not employ horologists with the necessary skills to assess the proper value of your luxury watch. This often translates to low offers.

    Auction Houses

    Auction houses have been a traditional selling option for high value items. As they staff watch experts, you can expect an accurate evaluation of your Cartier watch.

    However, when you sell through an auction house you must be willing to wait an indefinite amount of time, first for an auction to be held, then for your watch to actually be bought during an auction. Auctions can be held months apart from each other, further increasing your wait. If your Cartier watch is bought, the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings.

    Online Ads

    You can create private ads with websites like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook. With our own ad you can sell your watch at your ideal price and sell directly to its buyer.

    While setting your desired sell price sounds great, you will quickly learn that pricing a luxury watch is difficult without in-depth industry knowledge. Furthermore, selling in this way can be a long process and certain websites can take a percentage of your profits when you sell the watch. You will need always need to be cautious of scammers when selling your watch privately online.


    myGemma is a fast, easy and safe way to sell Cartier watches for the best prices. We are expert online Cartier buyers backed by a team of experienced horologists with a rich understanding of the second-hand luxury watch market.

    We buy a wide range of pre-owned Cartier watches and other luxury watch brands. Selling your watch with myGemma is entirely free and can take as little as 24 hours. Our free service has earned us an A+ rating with the BBB and hundreds of positive customer reviews. There are no fees or commissions deducted from your final price.

    3. Get A Quote

    Fill out our simple online form with information about your Cartier watch. One of our experts will then reach out to you with a price quote for your watch.

    4. Get A Final Price And Get Paid

    We provide two options for getting a final price:

    Online: You can send in your timepiece from the comfort of your home and around your schedule with our entirely free, secure, fully insured, overnight and trackable mailing service.

    When your Cartier watch arrives at our office it will be evaluated by one of our horologists and priced. We will shortly contact you with a detailed explanation of how we came to that price as well as our firm buying offer. You can accept your offer by transfer or check. We never use any high-pressure salsas tactics, so you can always request to have your watch mailed back to you through the same secure mailing service.

    In Person: We have appointments available in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and Birmingham (UK). These are available Monday-Friday, contact us on 646 757 0270 or today to schedule your appointment.