How To Sell Cartier Love Rings

    As one of the Maison’s most celebrated designs, Cartier’s Love rings have been admired for their elegance and embodiment of everlasting love. Whether you’re cleaning out your jewelry box, gathering funds for a new piece of jewelry or parting with memories attached to the ring, you might have wondered how to sell Cartier Love rings.

    How To Sell Cartier Love Rings

    As selling fine jewelry can be a new and daunting experience for many people, we are here to demystify the selling process. Keep reading to discover how to sell Cartier Love rings easily, quickly and for the best price.

    how to sell Cartier Love rings

    How To Sell Cartier Love Rings In 3 Steps

    There are 3 simple steps to selling Cartier jewelry online safely and quickly.

    1. Find A Buyer

    The first step for selling your Love rings is finding a buyer. A quick search online will show you that there are an endless assortment of buyers in-person and online who can consider buying your ring.

    As not everyone has time to sort through various buyers, learn their unique selling process, read reviews and schedule multiple appoints, you can save yourself time and stress by working with a Cartier expert. At myGemma, we are one of the leading buyers of Cartier jewelry with a seamless and professional selling process.

    With so many options available, why choose to sell your luxury jewelry to myGemma?

    • Who we are: Established in 2012, myGemma was created in response to a lack of viable, trustworthy options for consumers selling high-end pieces. We fundamentally believe that the process of selling should be enjoyable, transparent and fast. No high ball quotes and low ball offers, no hidden fees and no waiting for your item to sell.
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    2. Get A Price Quote

    Now that you have your buyer selected, the next step is to get your unique price quote. Simply complete our online form with information about your ring and then one of our jewelry experts will contact you with your price quote. We’ll cover in detail the information about your Cartier Love ring you need in the next section.

    At myGemma, you can sell a wide range of luxury pieces including: engagement rings, diamond rings, Cartier watches, Cartier Trinity rings, Cartier Love necklaces, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags and much more.

    3. Receive A Final Price

    After you hear your initial price quote you have two convenient options for how to sell Cartier Love rings and receive a final offer.

    Mail-in your ring: We can provide you with a free, insured, secure, trackable and overnight mailing label. This gives you the freedom to send your Love ring in around your own schedule.

    When your ring arrives at our office we will notify you of its safe arrival and promptly have it evaluated. You will be contacted by one of our experts with a firm buying offer which you may accept by transfer or check. There is never any obligation to sell and we can return your Love Ring through the same secure mailing service.

    Schedule an appointment: We host appointments Monday Through Friday from 9am to 5pm at our offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the UK. When you schedule an appointment, you will have your Love Ring evaluated and priced by one of our jewelry experts.

    During your 30 minute appointment, the ring will never leave your sight. You can accept payment by cash, transfer or check. As always, we never employ high-pressure sales tactics and appointments will always be free, regardless if you sell your ring or not.

    Sell Cartier Love Rings

    What Is My Cartier Love Ring Worth?

    Now that you know how to sell Cartier Love rings, it’s time to cover the information you will need to know about your ring to get your price quote.

    Be sure to know the following:

    • Metal Type: Love rings can come in 18k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold as well as platinum.
    • Gemstones: Some rings can have a single screw motif replaced by a gemstone, some have all screws replaced with gemstones or have the band covered in pave diamonds. The gemstones range from diamonds, sapphires, garnets and amethyst. Be sure to identify which gemstones your ring has and their carat weight.
    • Box and Papers: These are the box and papers that came with your Love ring when purchased. You can reference the paperwork for your Love ring to learn the metal type and gemstones used in your jewelry. With these official materials, you will be illustrating the authenticity of your jewelry and receive a higher offer, as they are desirable for collectors. However, if you don’t have the boxes and papers, you are still able to sell your Cartier Love ring.
    • Pictures: When you share images of your Love ring to potential buyers, they will have an idea of your jewelry’s condition.

    With the above information ready, you’re prepared to complete your online form and receive your customized price quote. With myGemma, getting an honest and competitive offer for your Cartier Love Ring is easier than ever.

    Click the button below to receive your bespoke price quote for your Love ring, Cartier necklaces, Cartier earrings, Cartier love bracelets or other designer jewelry.

    The History Of Cartier Love Rings

    Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo created Cartier’s Love collection in 1969 when he debuted the Love bracelet with its iconic screw head motif. Rather than just slipping the bracelet on, the Love bracelet is composed of two parts that must be secured to the wearer’s wrist with a miniature screwdriver, historically held by the wearer’s lover. Through this act of fastening one’s lover, Cipullo wishes to covey that “love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”

    How to Sell Cartier Love Rings

    The Love collection was quickly embraced by celebrities and fashionistas for its contemporary and sophisticated style, which remains true to this day as they are worn by the likes of Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. The Love collection has since expanded to include rings, earrings, pendants and cufflinks.

    The Cartier Love ring, a symbol of eternal love, has not surprisingly become a popular wedding band for both men and women alike.