The Largest Diamond In The World

    Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The world’s fascination with diamonds dates back hundreds of years, but some diamonds have the ability to amaze us more than others. Whether it be a perfect cut, a rare colour, flawless clarity… or simply the sheer size of a diamond.

    The Largest Diamond In The World

    The largest diamond in the world could be a contested notion, primarily because the largest rough diamond ever to be found was cut into a multitude of much smaller cut and polished diamonds – which is often the case with bigger diamonds, so as to get the best cut, colour and clarity for the stone. Therefore, the world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan Diamond, now consists of nine separate large diamonds as well as many other smaller ones. Yet the Cullinan Diamond is still frequently named as the largest diamond in the world because it is the largest rough diamond to have been found to date – and by a long shot.

    In this piece, the following questions will be addressed:


    What Is The Largest Diamond In The World?

    The Cullinan Diamond is widely recognized as the largest diamond yet discovered. It was mined at the Cullinan Premier No. 2 mine in South Africa in 1905, where it was found 18 feet underground. Weighing in at an astonishing 621.350g or 3106.75 carats, the Cullinan Diamond is the largest rough diamond to ever have been found. A near colourless, rough diamond, it is believed to have broken off from a potentially much larger stone – although the rest of the stone has never been found.

    When the diamond was transported to the United Kingdom from South Africa, it was sent via parcel post in a plain box, however detectives brought a replica on a ship in order to act as a decoy. The diamond was first put on sale in 1905, yet it remained unsold until 1907 when the Transvaal Government bought the diamond and offered it as a 66th birthday gift to King Edward VII. The larger stones that were subsequently cut from the original stone have remained in the British Royal Family ever since.


    Cutting Of The Cullinan Diamond

    In 1908, the Asscher Brothers were appointed to cut and polish the diamond into a variety of different sized stones. A Royal Navy ship took a box supposedly containing the diamond across the North Sea, however, in reality this was another decoy to fool potential thieves. The actual stone was carried in Abraham Asscher’s coat pocket on a train and ferry on his way to Amsterdam where the stone was to be cut. The entire process of cutting the diamond took 8 months of three people working 14 hour-long days. The cutting procedure resulted in a total of 105 diamonds: 9 large diamonds and 96 minor diamonds.

    Joseph Asscher was the man who split the diamond in half on February 10th 1908, at his factory in Amsterdam. At this time, the process of splitting diamonds was extremely difficult as there was a real risk of totally shattering the stone. The initial split took place in a single blow, however the incision that was made prior to enable the split took four days and the planning took weeks.

    The most notable diamonds to have come from the cutting process are the Cullinan I (Great Star of Africa) and the Cullinan II (Second Star of Africa). The Great Star of Africa weighs 530.2 carats and it was incorporated onto the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross in 1910. The Second Star of Africa weighs 317.4 carats and is located on the Imperial State Crown. Therefore, a large majority of the original stone currently belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. However, there is a replica of the Cullinan in its original form that can be visited at the Cape Town Diamond Museum.


    How Much Is The Largest Diamond In The World Worth?

    Had the diamond been sold today in its original form, it is estimated that it would be worth over $2 billion USD. The price of the largest stone, the Cullinan I, is estimated at around $400 million USD.


    How Much Is My Diamond Jewellery Worth?

    When selling diamond jewellery, the quality of the main stone will typically have the biggest impact on value. Although there are of course other factors that will be taken into consideration such as: the designer of the piece, the age of the piece, as well as the materials from which the rest of the jewellery is made from. 

    The quality of a stone is determined by four factors that you may have heard of: the four Cs. These are: the cut grade, the colour grade, the carat weight and the clarity grade. This information is usually found on any diamond certificates or paperwork issues at the time of purchase. To get a price quote for your diamonds, simply fill out the online form.


    How To Sell Your Diamond Jewellery

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