How To Sell Tiffany HardWear Jewellery

    Since its debut in 2017, Tiffany’s HardWear collection has become a beloved addition to the brand with their fierce urban and quintessentially elegant designs. For some first-time luxury jewellery sellers, determining how to sell Tiffany HardWear jewellery can feel daunting with the number of selling options and buyers on the market. the number of selling options and buyers on the market.

    How To Sell Tiffany HardWear Jewellery

    As luxury jewellery experts, we’re here to demystify the selling process so you’ll know where and how to sell Tiffany HardWear jewellery quickly, easily and for the best price.

    How To Sell Tiffany HardWear Jewellery?


    About Tiffany’s HardWear Collection

    Tiffany’s HardWear collection is another celebrated design by Francesca Amfitheatrof, who also created the Tiffany T series in 2014. This collection was inspired by a unisex bracelet from Tiffany’s 1971 archives known as the Ball and Chain. This bracelet consisted of a metal ball and lock, attached to a thick link chain which wrapped around the wrist twice.

    Today’s industrial influenced collection plays with the image of a ball and chain, as well as heavy links which channel the strength and spirit of the modern woman.


    Where To Sell Tiffany HardWear Jewellery For The Most Money?

    Below are some of the most popular second-hand luxury jewellery buyers:

    • Pawnshops: To sell your jewellery fast and potentially get paid in cash, pawnshops are a convent and local option. However. while the selling process is fast, pawnshops typically provide low offers.
    • Auction Houses: To have your jewellery assessed by an expert jeweller and sold on your behalf, auction houses are a potential option for you. Trying to sell with an auction house can be a lengthy process which may take months or years. This selling process can be so lengthy because you will need to wait for an auction to be held, your piece to be successfully bid on and if your jewellery is not bought you will need to wait for another auction to be held.
    • Hatton Garden: Conveniently located within London, Hatton Garden contains an array of designer jewellery buyers. While you can meet with various buyers and receive multiple offers, this can quickly become a stressful environment. As you meet with buyers you will need to be careful of unscrupulous dealers and high-pressure sales tactics.
    • Private Ads: With websites like Facebook, eBay and Craigslist, you can make an ad for your jewellery in just a few minutes. This way, you get to set your ideal price and sell directly to a buyer. While selling your jewellery through a private ad seems easy and profitable, those who try to sell online quickly learn how stressful this method is. Without industry knowledge, accurately pricing your jewellery will be difficult. Also, people can feel warry buying an expensive item from someone they don’t know without a history of selling high value pieces.
    • myGemma: To sell Tiffany HardWear jewellery easily, quickly and for the most money, myGemma is here to help. As luxury jewellery experts, we have a rich understanding of the second-hand luxury jewellery market which allows us to provide you with the most competitive prices for your pieces. We buy your jewellery directly, meaning that there are no fees or commissions deducted

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    How To Sell Tiffany HardWear Jewellery?

    In just 5 simple steps we’ll show you how to sell Tiffany HardWear jewellery:

    1. Complete our online form with information about your jewellery.
    2. Receive your a price quote.
    3. Schedule an appointment at one of our comfortable and secure offices in the UK to have your jewellery evaluated. We host weekly appointments in Birmingham from 9am to 5pm and monthly London appointments. Or, use our free Royal Mail Special Delivery pack which ensures that your jewellery is safe, fully insured and trackable as it travels to our office.
    4. Our luxury jewellery experts will assess your pieces and calculate a final offer.
    5. Accept your offer by bank transfer or have your jewellery returned to you for free with a Royal Mail Special Delivery pack.


    What Is My Tiffany HardWear Jewellery Worth?

    The worth of your Tiffany HardWear jewellery will vary depending on its construction. Knowing the following information about your jewellery will help you receive an accurate and tight price quote:

    • Type: The HardWear collection spans earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.
    • Metal: Your jewellery may be made of sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.
    • Gemstones: Certain pieces of the HardWear jewellery are embellished with diamonds, pearls, moonstones, onyx and pink quartz to name a few. The more valuable the gemstone, the greater the price.
    • Box and Papers: The original box and papers that came with your jewellery when purchased are a valuable resource in the selling process. With these materials you can check the exact metals and gemstones used in your jewellery. Also, by having the box and papers in your possession, you are demonstrating the authenticity of your jewellery, thereby increasing your offer.
    • Pictures: Providing pictures of your jewellery with a potential buyer will give them a good idea of the condition of the piece.

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