How to Buy Diamond Watches

    Our expert horologists will show you how to buy diamond watches that compliment your style, add some sparkle and fit your budget.

    How To Buy Diamond Watches


    Looking for a dazzling diamond watch? Diamonds add the perfect touch of glamour to sophisticated luxury watches and effortlessly elevate any look. Our expert horologists will show you how to buy diamond watches that compliment your style, add some sparkle and fit your budget.

    How To Buy Diamond Watches

    There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for diamond watches:

    • Shop pre-owned: Pre-owned and expertly authenticated diamond watches are a popular option as they cost a fraction of the retail price. And importantly, pre-owned jewelry is sustainable jewelry. It reduces the demand for mining and manufacturing that impact the environment. Join the pre-owned movement today!
    • Avoid aftermarket watches: An aftermarket watch is a watch that has received unauthorized modifications from a third-party after production. Common aftermarket mortifications are diamond adorned bezels, hour markers, dials and bracelets. While aftermarket diamond watches will be cheaper than their authentic counterparts, they compromise the quality of the watch, void its factory warranty and lower the watch’s value. You should only buy factory set diamond watches as luxury watch manufacturers employ in-house jewelers and gemologists who ensure that high quality diamonds are used and properly set.
    • Consider the movement: Luxury watches are made with one of three types of movements. Decide which best works for you:
    • Quartz diamond watch: battery operated and typically come at lower price points than manual and automatic watches.
    • Manual diamond watch: must be regularly wound to power the movement.
    • Automatic diamond watch: powered by the natural movements of the wearer’s wrist.
    • Complications: Your diamond watch can come with a variety of useful complications such as a tourbillon, perpetual calendar, GMT and chronograph. Consider which are important to you.
    • Modern or vintage: Ask yourself if you would prefer a modern watch to keep up with the latest trends and styles or a vintage watch that is steeped in history.
    • Set your budget: Everybody knows that luxury diamond watches do not come cheap. It is all too easy to become enhanced by a stunning luxury watch and overpay. Be sure to set a defined budget before shopping. If you plan to have the diamond watch as the centerpiece of your collection, you can splurge more on it. Conversely, if you plan to add more watches to your collection, you will want to have a tighter budget to allow for future purchases.


    How Much Does A Diamond Watch Cost?

    Diamond watches come at a wide array of price points, with entry-level diamond luxury watches as low as a thousand dollars to truly outstanding diamond watches that cost over a million dollars. The exact price of your diamond watch will depend on several factors:

    • Carat weight: The total carat weight of diamonds on your watch will impact price. For instance, a watch with just diamond hour markers will cost far less than an entirely diamond encrusted watch. You may prefer to just have a diamond bezel, dial or hour markers.
    • Complications: Select the complications you want your watch to have. Typically watches with multiple complications are more expensive.
    • Brand: Decide what brand you want your watch to be as they all come at different price points. For example, a diamond Patek Philippe watch will cost far more than a diamond Tag Heuer watch.
    • New or pre-owned: New diamond watches cost a lot more than pre-owned diamond watches.

    Where To Buy A Diamond Watch

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