How to Sell Jewellery

    It is now easier than ever to sell your jewellery quickly, easily and safely, as long as you know the steps to follow and who to sell to. If you are ready to sell your jewellery, you likely have some questions such as “how much is my jewellery worth?” and “where can I sell my jewellery for the best price?”. In this article we outline the steps to follow to sell jewellery.

    Sell Jewellery
    1. Gather the details of your jewellery
    2. Choose a jewellery buyer
    3. Get a quote for your jewellery
    4. Get a final price and get paid


    1. Gather The Details Of Your Jewellery

    The first step in preparing to sell your jewellery is understanding exactly what you have. These characteristics include:

    • Brand: Such as Tiffany, Cartier, Chopard, David Yurman etc. While designer brands add value to your piece, this does not mean that you cannot sell your unbranded jewellery.
    • Collection: Designer jewellery is often part of a collection, such as Trinity de Cartier.
    • Materials: The components of your jewellery. What kind of metal is it and what is the karat weight? Are there gemstones or diamonds and if so, what is the carat weight of each? The rule of thumb is that higher the metal karat weight and the higher the gemstone carat weight, the more valuable it is. However, there are a multitude of additional factors that affect the vale of gemstones and diamonds.
    • Age: When the jewellery was originally bought. Jewellery over 20 years old can be considered vintage (as long as it was not mass produced), and over 100 years old it is considered antique.
    • Wear: If the jewellery shows any signs of wear such as scratches or missing diamonds this can detract from the value.


    How to find this information?

    Ideally, you will still have the documents for your jewellery that came with at the time of purchase. This can include:

    • The receipt from the jewellery store
    • GIA report
    • Authenticity cards
    • Any other gemmological lab certification

    These documents will help you accurately assess the characteristics of your jewellery while proving their authenticity to potential buyers. Collectors prefer to buy designer jewellery with their original box and papers in good condition. Other useful jewellery documents include:

    However if you are missing your jewellery’s original box and paperwork, not a problem, you can still sell your jewellery. You can either simply schedule an appointment with our diamond and jewellery experts for an expert evaluation and a final price offer. Or you can take your jewellery to a local jeweller to get a rough idea of these characteristics (you do not need a written appraisal).


    2. Choose A Jewellery Buyer

    When deciding where to sell your jewellery you have several options:

    Buyer Pros Cons
    Pawnbroker Local
    Pays in cash
    Does not employ jewellery experts who can accurately evaluate and price your jewellery
    Auction House Employs jewellery experts who can assess your ring
    Good option for very rare jewellery
    Auctions are held infrequently so the process can take a long time
    Costs involved, auctions houses take a percentage of your earnings
    No guaranteed sale
    Hatton Garden Many jewellery buyers to select from
    Some buyers pay in cash
    High-pressure environment
    Some unscrupulous dealers
    London only 
    EBay / Craigslist User-friendly platform
    Set your own price
    Pick your buyer
    Without expert knowledge of the second-hand jewellery market it is difficult to accurately price your jewelleryScammersNo guaranteed sale, can take a long time to sell
    Expert International Jewellery Buyers such as myGemma Fast
    Jewellery and diamond experts
    Competitive Prices
    Sell online or by appointment
    Locations for in-person appointments are limited to Birmingham (myGemma headquarters) and monthly appointment days in London (by appointment only).

    3. Get A Price Quote For Your Jewellery

    To receive an honest and firm price for your jewellery, it is important to work with a reputable and expert jewellery buyers, such as myGemma.

    Selling your jewellery with myGemma is a completely free and safe process. Our team of expert gemmologists and jewellery specialists are on hand to value your diamonds, jewellery and watches and provide a price based on the current second-hand market. As an established, international business with offices in New York, Hong Kong and the UK, we are able to leverage our global industry connections to offer you the most competitive prices for your jewellery. Our secure and professional service has earned us hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.

    4. Get A Final Price And Get Paid

    If you like your price quote, you can either:

    Once you receive your final offer you can decide if you want to be paid in by bank transfer or cash (in-person appointments only).

    how to sell jewellery in the uk

    Sell My Jewellery In Birmingham

    myGemma’s UK headquarters are located in Birmingham, within the city’s jewellery quarter. We offer in-person appointments Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Please contact us to schedule your appointment. When you meet with our jewellery experts you will be immediately provided with a thorough evaluation of your jewellery and a firm offer for your piece.

    Our Birmingham address: Studio 212/213B, The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6NF, United Kingdom

    Sell My Jewellery In London

    We also hold monthly appointments in London. To learn when our next London day is and to schedule your appointment, speak with one of our representatives. Our Mayfair, London office is easily accessible with prompt 30 minute appointments. Our experts are able to evaluate your jewellery and explain how its qualities affected your final offer.

    Email to schedule your appointment in London. By appointment only.

    Sell My Jewellery Online

    We also offer the convenient option of selling your jewellery online. You can mail-in your jewellery from anywhere in the UK or Europe, fully insured and free of charge. After you complete our online form and accept your price quote, we will provide you with free, fully insured shipping. You will receive full instructions on how to safely package your jewellery, as well as any loose diamonds and luxury watches you wish to sell.

    When your jewellery arrives at our office we will notify you and have our expert team thoroughly examine your pieces. You are under no obligation to sell, so if you want your jewellery returned to you, we will mail it back to you fully insured and for free. To learn how much your jewellery is worth, click the button below.