How Much Is A Cartier Watch?

    Timeless and iconic, Cartier designs stand the test of time and trends. With a long-standing history of intricate design, the house delivers the ultimate in elegant style with boundless charm. From the Maillon de Cartier to the Baignoire, how much is a Cartier watch?

    How Much Is A Cartier Watch?


    The History Of The Cartier Watch

    Founded in 1847, the Cartier maison is renowned for its rich heritage and flair for intricate design. Now synonymous with luxury and opulence, Cartier's founder Louis-François had humble beginnings in Le Marais, Paris. The area was at the time an overpopulated and dirty part of the city - a far cry from the aesthetic that the house is associated with today. 

    Nine years after the legacy began, Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, purchased a Cartier creation. This catapulted the name into the high society of Paris. Although Cartier enjoyed modest success in France, it was Louis-François's grandson Louis who made the name Cartier go global, and he was responsible for some of the company's most iconic designs, such as the Tank watch.

    Rooted in jewelry creation, it wasn't until 1904 that Cartier produced its very first wristwatch, which is now considered one of the first versions of modern wristwatches. The watch was designed for Alberto Santos-Dumont and made to be functional on the aviator's upcoming flight across Russia.

    Today, Cartier is a multinational company with over 270 boutiques worldwide.

    How Much Is A Cartier Watch?

    The price range of watches from Cartier is vast, which on the house’s website currently goes from $2610 to $256,000. Price ranges will differ depending on where the watch is being sourced from, with pre-owned options offering a reduced price.

    The Tank Collection

    With different sub-styles within the Tank collection, the signature silhouette is echoed throughout the line-up. Parallel brancards, clean lines and an ornate dial are the recognisable features of the Tank watch. This collection offers the lowest starting price out of all Cartier timepieces.

    Price range: $2,610 - $106,000

    The Panthère de Cartier Collection

    With the panther being Cartier's mascot, this collection embodies the spirit of the house. Designed to be bold, distinctive and intricate, the Panthère de Cartier watch embraces heavy adornment with gemstones and diamonds.

    Prince range: $3,350 - $148,000 

    The Pasha de Cartier Collection

    First introduced in 1985, the Pasha de Cartier watch was reintroduced in 2020 with new additions. The style was initially predominantly worn by men but its unisex appeal quickly brought it to the attention and wrists of women. Shaped with a round face, the Pasha styles boast a timeless appeal.

    Price range: $5,300 - $132,000

    The Ballon Bleu de Cartier Collection

    Recognised for its characteristic rounded shape, the Ballon Bleu watch was introduced in 2007 and has become one of the house's most popular styles thanks to its elegant look and comfortable fit.

    Price range: $4,850 - $212,000

    The Santos de Cartier Collection

    A historic style from Cartier, the Santos watch was brought in by Louis Cartier back in 1904. The design was created to help aviators tell the time while in flight and was a pioneering creation which has since stood the test of time. The style is recognisable thanks to its exposed screws and marriage of geometric shapes and soft edges.

    Price range: $3,800 - $66,500

    The Ronde de Cartier Collection

    Another legacy from the Louis Cartier era, the Ronde de Cartier watch features Roman numerals on the dial and sword-shaped hands for a classic and refined aesthetic.

    Price range: $2,790 - $116,000

    The Maillon de Cartier Collection

    One of Cartier's most exclusive watch styles, the Maillon de Cartier also carries some of the highest price tags. Inspired by the house's penchant for exquisite and intricate jewelry, the Maillon watches have a decorative off-set chain-link bracelet and a hexagonal dial. 

    Price range: $35,100 - $126,000

    The Baignoire Collection

    Dating back to 1906, the Baignoire watch is defined by its elegant oval dial, showcasing soft curved lines and a thin strap for a delicate look. This model comes in a variety of sizes, from mini to extra-large for alternative silhouette options.

    Price range: $9,850 - $170,000

    Where Can I Buy A Pre-Owned Cartier Watch? 

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