How Expensive Are Cartier LOVE Bracelets?

    As a top-tier luxury brand, Cartier is certainly not known for being affordable. The LOVE Bracelet is one of the most coveted jewelry pieces of all time for good reason. This is how much they cost and how you can source an authentic one for less.

    how expensive are Cartier Love bracelets

    It is the single most searched style of jewelry on the Internet—and probably the most counterfeited. It is of course, the Cartier LOVE Bracelet.

    The bracelet beloved by women ranging from 22-year-old beauty billionairess Kylie Jenner (who stacks them on six at a time) to Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (who wears a single no-stones bangle). 

    So, how expensive are Cartier LOVE Bracelets right now?

    How Expensive Are Cartier LOVE Bracelets?

    A piece so sought-out that Cartier keeps waiting lists. A design that debuted over 50 years ago and still makes every fashion editor’s must-have list.

    If you want to go to Cartier and buy yourself a brand-new LOVE Bracelet—the store currently sells over 40 versions and most come in seven sizes—it’s going to set you back between $4,750 and $62,000.

    However, you can buy pre-owned Cartier LOVE bracelets for as little as $4,050. If you know where to look.

    At a Cartier boutique, the price of a LOVE Bracelet varies according to the metal (white gold costs more than yellow or pink), width (the Classic 6.1mm costs more than the Small 3.65mm), and whether or not the bracelet has gemstones.

    You can buy bangles bedazzled with a single diamond, four diamonds, 10 diamonds, and pavé diamonds (which starts at $27,300). Maybe that’s why Cartier promotes them with the slogan 'How far would you go for love?'.

    The most affordable way to source a Cartier LOVE Bracelet is to shop pre-owned. At myGemma, we sell a range of authenticated Cartier LOVE Bracelets. To make owning a Cartier LOVE Bracelet even more accessible, we also provide easy monthly payment plans through our partner Affirm.  

    Cartier LOVE Bracelet

    Why Are Cartier LOVE Bracelets So Expensive?

    There are plenty of reasons that Cartier LOVE Bracelets cost so much. The top five:  

    1. History

    Designed in New York in 1969 by Italian Aldo Cipullo, the LOVE Bracelet was a plain bangle punctuated by bolts that echoed similar bolt designs seen on some of Cartier’s wristwatches.

    What made it different from other fine jewelry was the way it was worn: each LOVE Bracelet came in a hinged two-piece design with a small vermeil screwdriver so that the bracelet could be unbolted, put on, and then locked back in place.

    Cipullo’s idea, supposedly inspired by medieval chastity belts, was that the bracelet should be a continuously worn symbol of commitment, not just a piece of fashion jewelry. Once it was on, you needed that special Cartier screwdriver—and someone else’s help—to take it off again.

    To promote the design, Cartier gave away its first LOVE Bracelets to 25 famous couples, including Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. (In those days, only the female half of the couple wore the haute handcuffs. Bracelets sized for men came later.)

    2. Materials

    Although those first bracelets were made of gold-plated silver (and only cost about $250), Cartier soon switched to solid 18K gold. Designed to withstand constant wear, classic Cartier LOVE Bracelets are sturdy pieces that weigh between 30 and 38 grams—enough to set off oversensitive metal detectors.

    3. Popularity

    Kylie Jenner, who’s been known to wear multiples on both arms, is legendary for her obsession with LOVE Bracelets, famously sharing a video of herself at the Cartier boutique where she had gone to get help having a LOVE Bracelet taken off that she had been 'stuck on for, like, four years'.

    Other celebrities seen wearing one or more: Dakota Fanning, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Pippa Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and Justin Bieber.

    4. Promotion

    Changing with the times, Cartier added diamonds to its LOVE Bracelet in 1979 and gradually evolved an entire LOVE Collection that riffed on Cipullo’s bolt design with rings, earrings, necklaces, chain bracelets, and—for customers who just couldn’t deal with that screwdriver—cuffs.

    Following the success of its original celebrity giveaway, the company also staged stunts like a Valentine’s Day contest awarding a pair of bracelets for the best answer to 'Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?'.

    In the beginning in 2006, Cartier declared June 19 to be 'Love Day', as an excuse for Cartier fêtes in fashion centers like New York and Milan and one-off launches like a LOVE Charity Bracelet. This was a mini LOVE Bracelet on a silken cord that sold for $475 with $100 of the price going to charity.

    5. Demand

    Almost immediately, the LOVE Bracelet became one of the most copied—read counterfeited—jewelry designs in the world. Cartier patented the design in the U.S. in 1974 and began adding serial numbers but, as generations of girls grow up dreaming of Cartier LOVE Bracelets, it sometimes seems that forgers can’t fake them fast enough.

    The bracelet not only played a supporting role in YA novels including Lip Gloss Jungle and Popularity Takeover, it made its way into adult nonfiction with a starring role in Liz Astrof’s books of essays Don’t Wait Up: Confessions of a Stay-at-Work Mom.

    What Else You Need To Know About Cartier LOVE Bracelets

    1. Sizing

    Cartier LOVE Bracelets come in seven sizes from 15 centimeters through 21 centimeters, so you’ll need to measure your wrist first.

    If you prefer a bracelet that fits tightly, add 1 centimeter to the measurement. If you want a loose fit, add 2 centimeters. When in doubt, round up. Need more help? Read our Cartier LOVE bracelet sizing guide

    2. Counterfeiting

    Shape is a dead giveaway. If the bracelet is round and you can slip it over your wrist like a regular bangle, then it’s not the real deal: genuine Cartier LOVE Bracelets are an oval that follows the form of your wrist.

    Weight is another tipoff: LOVE Bracelets have to be heavy enough to stand up to 24/7 wear, so they are never lightweight or bendable.

    More clues: bolts that don’t work, bolt heads that not aligned, stamping or hallmarks that are shallow or sloppy. Bought from a Cartier boutique, the bracelets come in a red Cartier guirlande box with a special niche for the vermeil screwdriver that comes with the bracelet.

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    How To Sell A Cartier LOVE Bracelet Online

    If, on the other hand, you don’t find yourself reaching for your Cartier LOVE Bracelet, you might want to consider selling. Cartier has good value retention, especially when it comes to the LOVE Bracelet. Depending on when you bought the bracelet and how much the retail price has increased since that point, you might even make a profit.

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