Hermès Blind Stamps Explained

    One of the biggest clues as to whether an Hermès bag is authentic lies in the details. The Hermès blind stamps on the handbags reveal not only when the accessory was crafted but also helps to authenticate the piece. If you own an Hermès bag or you’re in the market for one, this is your guide to understanding the Hermès blind stamp.

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    Whether you already own an Hermès bag that you would like to know more about or you’re contemplating making a purchase, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about Hermès blind stamps. Such as, what they are, what they mean, and where you can find them?

    What Is An Hermès Blind Stamp?

    The Hermès blind stamp refers to a debossed stamp (or several) within an Hermès bag. These stamps help to provide information about when the bag was manufactured. The stamps can also identify other details, such as what the bag is crafted from and if it is a custom piece.

    The blind stamp was first put into place in 1945 and it has evolved throughout the years. When the stamp was introduced, bags included a single letter which changed yearly.

    By 1970, all letters of the alphabet had been used and Hermès started to include a surrounding shape and started from the letter A again. As of 2015, the stamp has no surrounding shape and bags are imprinted with a date code instead.

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    Hermès blind stamps consist of two stamps. The first is the Date Stamp and the second is what is known as the Craftsman Stamp. 

    1. The Date Stamp

    This indicates when the item was made. This shows in which year the bag was manufactured, which is represented by a single letter and sometimes a surrounding shape.

    2. The Craftsman Stamp

    This second stamp indicates which person or group of people made the piece. This can be made up of several stamps, depending on who made it. It is made up of shapes, letters, numbers, and symbols.

    Where To Find The Hermès Blind Stamp?

    If you’re looking for the blind stamp in an Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag, you’ll usually find it on the exterior arm or on an internal panel. On other bag styles from Hermès, you'll find the debossed stamp imprinted on the central internal panel.

    How To Read A Hermès Blind Stamp

    Hermès Blind Stamp Guide

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    Additional Stamps

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    Where Can I Buy An Hermès Bag?

    You have two choices when it comes to buying an Hermès bag, either you can buy it from an Hermès store or you can source one pre-owned. Buying an Hermès bag directly from the brand can be complicated, especially if it is a Birkin that you are after. 

    If you are considering a Birkin bag, it can be a notoriously long and tedious process to buy one from the store. An episode of Sex & The City famously highlighted this, and while funny, was not a far cry from the truth. Hermès does not sell Birkin bags to anyone at any given time and it does usually require a lot of back and forth in order to be successful in buying one, and that is certainly not always a guarantee.

    The quickest way to buy an authentic Birkin bag is to buy from the resale market. This way you don’t need to just through any hoops and you can have your pick of the size and the color you really want.

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