Handbag Storage: How Should I Store My Bags?

    Properly storing your designer handbags when they are not in use will help preserve and lengthen their lifespan. This is your guide to proper handbag storage.

    handbag storage

    By making sure your handbags are well looked after, you can ensure your handbags’ longevity and enjoy them for years to come. In this handbag storage guide, you’ll learn how best to protect your bags.

    Even if you don’t intend for your handbag to become an heirloom, it is important to keep it in great condition if you might ever want to sell it. This is why it is particularly important to keep designer handbags well-stored.

    You might be tempted to organise your purse storage by putting your bags on wall hooks. However, this can not only scratch the handles or strap, but also alter the shape of the bag. The recommended storage solution is to store purses on a shelf, preferably within a closet.

    For more tips on how to organize purses and for handbag storages ideas, keep reading.

    Step 1: Remove Accessories

    Certain handbags will include accessories. These should be removed and placed on the inside of the bag (or box, if applicable). Accessories will vary depending on the brand and style. They may also include their own storage containers (boxes, or dust bags). 

    The reason why you should remove these accessories is so that they don’t scratch the bag or get damaged in storage.

    1. Clochette Or Key Chain

    A clochette is a bell-shaped leather fob that includes a lock and keys. It should be put in the appropriate dust bag or properly secured in bubble wrap or tissue paper and placed in the interior pocket or main compartment of your bag.

    Removable key chains should be stored in the same way.

    2. Removable Chains Or Straps

    Similarly to the above, removable straps should be detached and put inside the bag. If the strap is either chain or leather and chain, then it is best placed in a dust bag before being put into the bag.

    If the strap is more sturdy and doesn't fold very easily, don't force it into the bag. In this case, it is best placed in a dust bag and stored next to the handbag.

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    Step 2: Keep The Shape

    Stuffing your bag will help it retain its original shape while not in use. Over time bags can become misshapen, especially those constructed in heavy leathers or with slouchy silhouettes. There are a few different options for this:  

    1. Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap can be folded or rolled and placed in the main compartment of the handbag. This is particularly useful for older, vintage handbags.

    2. Tissue Paper

    It is best to use plain, acid-free tissue paper, to avoid any chance of bleeding. This can be folded or rolled into a shape that best fits the bag. 

    3. Shapers

    There are specific handbag-shaped ‘pillows’ or ‘shapers’ that are available to use as stuffing. These are ideal for single-compartment handbags, or those that have been precisely measured. Bags come in different shapes and sizes, so if you do use a shaper, make sure it fits perfectly.

    4. What To Avoid

    Stuff with caution. Over-stuffing can stretch the material, potentially damage the closures or interior, and alter the overall shape of the bag.  

    Step 3: Protect The Bag’s Details

    Chains or straps that can’t be removed can still be protected and properly secured. Leaving them loose can cause damage to the exterior of the bag. Felt protectors that often come with bags aim to guard against clasp and plaque damage.

    1. Chains

    Wrap in bubble wrap or tissue paper to protect from rubbing against the exterior which can leave indentations and tarnish the bag.

    2. Handles

    Short or structured handles can be left outside of the bag (either upright or down) depending on the style of the bag. 

    3. Straps

    Longer straps or handles can be tucked inside the bag to keep them protected.

    4. Hardware

    Certain bags include felt protectors, which can be placed across the front of bags to help protect clasps and plaques.

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    Step 4: Dust Bag & Box

    Most luxury handbags come with a dust bag and/or box. If not, you can buy unbranded versions online. This is probably the most important part of bag storage.

    1. Dust Bag

    If your handbag has a cloth dust bag, place the bag inside and secure before storing it. Otherwise, purchasing a generic cloth dust bag or using a plain, cotton pillowcase also works. The main goal is to protect the handbag from discoloration, dust, wear, and tear.

    2. Box

    If your handbag came in a box, it’s safe to assume that it is the perfect fit for your bag. After placing it in a dust bug, store it in the box. Storing in the box will help protect it from damage, such as if it falls off a shelf or is subjected to any impact.

    Step 5: Environment

    How you store your bag is important, but so is where you store your bag.

    1. Room Conditions

    You want to make sure that your bags are not stored in a damp or humid environment. This can cause damage to the materials of your bag and even spur the growth of mold. 

    2. Flat Surface

    Make sure to store the bag vertically on a flat surface. This will help to retain the shape.

    3. Not Storing Handbags Too Tightly

    Make sure there is plenty of space between your handbags. If you have them on a shelf, for example, make sure there is space between each bag. Bags that are stored too closely together risk being squashed.

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