Top 8 Proposal Ideas You Can't Go Wrong With

    Have you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and are looking to plan the perfect proposal?

    Top 8 Proposal Ideas


    Have you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and are looking to plan the perfect proposal? The proposal is undeniably an important moment, one that you will want to cherish and share with your family and friends for years to come. But with so much pressure to create an unforgettable moment, planning this can be daunting. 

    With that in mind, we have prepared a list of 8 proposal ideas to help you narrow down and plan the perfect proposal for your partner. Whether they would prefer an intimate proposal or have all of their loved ones present, you’ll find proposals for everyone. Explore our list of 8 proposal ideas for the best proposal inspiration.

    8 Proposal Ideas You Can't Go Wrong With

    1. Destination proposal: Make your next vacation unforgettable by asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. While on vacation, the two of you will be relaxed and far from the stress of everyday life. Be it in Paris during the golden hour, Iceland under the Aurora Borealis, sprawled out on the beaches of Hawaii or amongst the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, find the perfect backdrop to go along side your romantic proposal. After the proposal, you’ll both be ready to start your next greatest adventure.

    Best proposal for: Travel lovers looking to create a truly unique memory.

    2. Photo booth proposal: If your partner loves spontaneity and you are looking to really surprise them, suggest heading to a photo booth. When the pictures are about to be taken, pull out the engagement ring and capture their reaction. With these pictures, you will always be able to look back on this special moment and share it with loved ones.

    Best proposal for: A fun proposal with a real element of surprise.

    3. Holiday proposal: The classics remain a classic for a reason. Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and New Years Eve proposals are the most popular time to ask your partner to marry you. Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and it is typically a day where you carve out time to spend one on one and do something special. Christmas is a great option for those looking to include family members and New Years Eve for those looking to involve friends.

    Best proposal for: A classic and traditional proposal.

    4. Star studded proposal: For the budding astronomers, you can prepare a late-night picnic on a warm evening under the stars. While sprawled out on a blanket with your favorite food and drinks, you can name constellations well into the night. When the time is right, pull out the engagement ring and ask for their hand in marriage. A word of warning however, do be sure to plan a night when you know that the stars will be out! And bring a blanket in case the evening turns cold.

    Best proposal for: The eternal romantic, an intimate proposal.

    5. Pet proposal: If you and your loved one have a cherished pet, your furry friend can help you make a delightful proposal. There are endless collars you can buy that feature charming bow ties, engagement messages and even have a clasp to hold the engagement ring. When your loved one calls the pet over, they are in for an adorable surprise. Plus, when the wedding date comes, your pet can make for the perfect ring bearer.

    Best proposal for: Animal lovers.

    6. Back to where it all started proposal: What better way to celebrate your love than to take your partner back to where it all started? This is especially true if your first date was at a romantic location, a fancy restaurant or bar. Go all out and inform the staff that you are looking to propose at the place where you first met. They may be able to help you create the perfect atmosphere by playing “your song” or having champagne at the ready post proposal. You could even plan to have your friends and family waiting close by to celebrate with you after they say yes.

    Best proposal for: A thoughtful and personal proposal that pays homage to your relationship.

    7. Treasure hunt proposal: Prepare a treasure hunt with plenty of clues that take you and your partner around your favorite locations. This proposal will take some planning but will always be unique to you and your loved one. Each solved clue will take them to a cherished place for the next clue. As they solve the final clue, get down on one knee and take out the ring. Loved ones, photographers and an engagement party staged at your final location are optional.

    Best proposal for: A fun and unique proposal you can include friends and family members in.

    8. Morning Proposal: For a truly intimate proposal, why not choose a calm moment with just the two of you? Let your partner know that you want to treat them to a leisurely breakfast, put together a fantastic breakfast spread: mimosas, flowers, fresh bread etc. This will create a wonderfully intimate moment for you to pop the question. The two of you can enjoy the rest of your morning with a comfortable breakfast at home and show off your sparkler to your loved ones later.

    Best proposal for: A lowkey, truly intimate proposal.

    What Type Of Proposal Would Be Best Suited To Your Partner?

    Be sure to consider what type of proposal your partner would like best. Some questions to consider:

    • Would your partner prefer an intimate or a public proposal?
    • Would they want family or friends included?
    • Would they want to be caught off guard or be dressed up for a special occasion?
    • Would they want a big romantic gesture or a low key affair?

    Details To Think Though

    As the saying goes: the devil is in the details. There are some key aspects to consider to make sure that your proposal goes smoothly:

    • Make sure that you have thought through what happens after the proposal. Time to relax together or a party? Romantic drinks or meal?
    • With engagement ring selfies on the rise, many women appreciate having a manicure before the proposal. Maybe treat your partner to a manicure the day before you pop the question if you think this would be important to her.
    • Be sure to plan (at least part) of what you are going to say. There is nothing worse than making a big romantic gesture and finding yourself tongue tied with no idea what to say.
    • Will you tell your partners parents beforehand? Would they want to be asked permission or to be part of the proposal?
    • Will you hire a photographer or a friend to capture the moment?
    • If you are planning to go to a specific restaurant or bar, be sure to book in advance!

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