The 6 Best Designer Crossbody Bags

    The original practical bag, the crossbody has a long history of utilitarianism and slots perfectly into modern-day closets. Offering both style and substance in equal measure, the crossbody bag is a style essential in many people’s collections for good reason. These are the best designer crossbody bags and where you can find them.

    best designer crossbody bags


    When it comes to practical must-haves, designer crossbody bags are hard to compete with. Some luxury and designer accessories are made for special occasions, but the crossbody bag is so versatile and easy to wear that they are ideal for everyday wear. The best designer crossbody bags are the ones that you will reach for time and time again.

    About Crossbody Bags

    What Is A Crossbody Bag?

    Crossbody bags can be similar in appearance to shoulder bags, however, the defining feature is a long strap. The long strap allows for the bag to be worn across the body, thereby giving the name ‘crossbody’. This style of bag is particularly functional as it can be worn hands-free, making it the most low-maintenance and easy-to-carry bag style.

    Typically, crossbody bags tend to have a small to medium-sized body. This is because otherwise when it is worn across the body, it might be too cumbersome or heavy on a single shoulder. Although compact in size, they are often designed to be extremely practical, therefore making the most of whatever space is available. The inside may include different compartments or pockets for ultimate everyday practicality. Easy access to items is one of the important design features of crossbody bags.

    In modern times, crossbody bags are often topped with a zip or secure closure of sorts. However, they sometimes have a hinge fastening or an open top. Ancient designs would be open or even feature a drawstring.

    The History Of Crossbody Bags

    The crossbody bag has been in circulation for centuries, in fact, it is one of the earliest styles of bag. These bags are notable for their practicality above anything else, but throughout the history of time, we see examples of embroidered and highly decorative bags.

    In Egypt and the Middle East, a pouch bag tied around the waist was the preferred choice for carrying essentials. However, one of the oldest examples of a crossbody-style bag is the Dilly Bag from Australia. The Dilly Bag was created by Aboriginal Australians, woven to be sturdy for carrying mostly fruits and vegetables. It was also used for carrying hunting tools and was sometimes lined with feathers to prevent smaller items from falling out.

    Crossbody bags have long been used for carrying useful objects such as coins, mail, or tools, just to name a few examples. Tradesmen in particular had use of crossbody bags. 

    The Industrial Revolution also came with a need for practical bags. As people began to travel more by train, a bag was needed to hold cash and belongings. Different periods in different places throughout history have had a demand for bags, which shows why the crossbody has been reinvented time and time again throughout the ages. What they all have in common is the long-strap detail and a construction designed to be durable and functional.

    The Best Designer Crossbody Bags

    Now that you know a bit more about crossbody bags, where they came from and why they’re so great. Let’s delve into what the best designer crossbody bags are. 

    The two principal questions that you should ask yourself when shopping for a designer crossbody bag are: Is it practical? Will I wear it often? Unlike clutch bags and shoulder bags, the crossbody bag is made to be worn frequently and slot into your lifestyle with ease.

    These are some of the best designer crossbody bags:

    1. Burberry Paddy Bag
    2. Chanel Filigree Bag
    3. Prada Saffiano Bag
    4. LOEWE Puzzle Bag
    5. Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag
    6. Gucci Marmont Bag

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    1. Burberry Paddy Bag

    The Paddy bag from Burberry is a great choice for busy lifestyles and city dwellers. Constructed with multiple pockets, this crossbody exists in a number of iterations, from check print to emblazoned with logos.

    Retail price range: $910 - $1,350
    Resale price range: around $695

    2. Chanel Round Filigree Bag

    The ultimate luxury crossbody. The round Filigree bag from Chanel has a distinctive aesthetic thanks to the CC logo embellishment on the front. The soft, circular shape gives a laid-back, retro feel to the accessory. Chanel does not currently stock the round Filigree bag, meaning you can currently only find it on the resale market.

    Retail price range: Not currently available
    Resale price range: $2,750 - $3,200

    3. Prada Saffiano Bag

    Saffiano leather is stamped throughout for a textured effect, making it one of the most durable types of leather. Prada has a wide range of crossbody bags made from the sturdy and recognizable material. The timeless crossbody bags from Prada are usually adorned with a logo plaque on the front for a signature finish.

    Retail price range: $2,150 - $2,950
    Resale price range: $495 - $1,100

    4. LOEWE Puzzle Bag

    One of LOEWE’s most celebrated and coveted designs is the Puzzle bag. Made up of panels of leather in an asymmetric construction, it’s no wonder where the bag got its name from. Playful yet classic, the Puzzle bag celebrates the Spanish maison’s history of leather craftsmanship.

    Retail price range: $1,990 - $3,750
    Resale price range: $795 - $2,490

    5. Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

    Bottega Veneta has been on everyone’s lips over the past few years in particular. Known for its Intrecciato weave, the brand’s Cassette bag features the woven leather in a larger iteration for an alternative take on the house’s signature. The crossbody bag is both intricate and minimalist at the same time.

    Retail price range: $1,100 - $6,300
    Resale price range: $850 - $3,300

    6. Gucci GG Marmont Bag

    There’s no talking about the best designer crossbody bags without mentioning Gucci. While the brand boasts a number of crossbody designs, the GG Marmont is an absolute classic and icon in its own right. Punctuated with a logo plaque on the front, it is unmistakable to all those sartorially in the know.

    Retail price range: $1,200 - $28,000
    Resale price range: $850 - $1,750

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    Where To Buy The Best Designer Crossbody Bags

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    How To Sell Designer Crossbody Bags

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