How To Authenticate A Luxury Watch

    As with all things luxury, there are always fakes out there. This is your guide on how to make sure you don’t fall into the counterfeits trap.

    Tips To Authenticate A Luxury Watch

    If you are in possession of a luxury watch that was gifted or purchased on the secondhand market, it can be difficult to ascertain its authenticity. This is why many people will wonder how to authenticate a luxury watch.

    Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly skilled at producing high-quality fake watches; technological improvements have meant that counterfeiters can replicate the advanced movements of luxury watches with precision.

    In recent years, counterfeit watches have become so advanced that even the luxury watch brands themselves have difficulty telling them apart from the real thing. Despite the prevalence of sophisticated counterfeits, there are a few key ways to authenticate a luxury watch and determine if your luxury watch is fake.

    How To Authenticate A Luxury Watch

    Determining the authenticity of your watch can be a difficult task, but it is possible. To authenticate a luxury watch, some of the most important factors to look for are:

    1. Incorrect Model Number – Phony model numbers are common amongst fake watches, particularly Rolex watches. Looking for incorrect ending digits of your model number can alert you to a fake watch.
    2. Incorrect Serial Number – Fake serial numbers are also common amongst counterfeit luxury watches. There are a number of membership sites that provide databases of known counterfeit numbers. You can cross-reference the serial number of your watch in one of these databases to determine the authenticity of the number. Watch experts will often have access to these databases.
    3. Color Discrepancies – Counterfeit watches sometimes have off-colored metal or colors that are slightly different than the original version of the watch. Incorrect coloring is a definite indicator of a phony watch.
    4. Incorrectly Magnified Cyclops Window – The wrong magnification in the cyclops window can reveal your watch’s inauthenticity. Sometimes the date in the cyclops will be over or under-magnified. Authentic models have a specific magnification.
    5. Inaccurate Watch Hands - Compare your watch to an authentic version to determine if the watch hands look the same. There will often be small design discrepancies between the watch hands of a fake luxury watch and an authentic one.
    6. Wrong Movements – Incorrect movements are also a sign that your watch could be inauthentic. Counterfeit watches may not always be able to replicate the movements of the original accurately.
    7. Inaccurate Case – There are certain details inside of luxury watch cases that indicate a counterfeit. Look inside your luxury watch case for important missing indicators such as serial numbers, logos, hallmarks, and metal content.
    8. Poor Quality Box and Papers – Your watch’s box and papers can be an important way to determine your watch’s authenticity. Watches without a box and papers are more likely to be fake. If the watch box is low quality or the paperwork folders aren’t made of real leather, it is likely your watch is not authentic. Be sure to examine the stitching on the box as well—stitching that is off suggests it may be a fake box.


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    Although the list above can help you authenticate a luxury watch, counterfeiters can still outsmart even the most diligent watch owners.

    If you have uncertainties, a watch expert will be able to look at your watch and provide a thorough examination of its authenticity. Ensuring the authenticity of a luxury watch can be an important step before selling or buying.

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