All Things Yeehaw: Western Fashion

    Whether you’re more into Beyoncé, Orville Peck, or Tim McGraw, it’s safe to say that country music has had a real impact on popular culture recently. Western fashion is everywhere, and here is how you can subtly incorporate it into your repertoire.

    designer western fashion

    You’re probably reading this with Texas Hold ‘Em on repeat in your head. Love it or hate it, cowboy and Western references have been hugely influential on the music and fashion scene for the last few years.

    You might already own a cowboy hat and a few pairs of cowboy boots, but if you want to approach the trend more holistically, keep reading.

    The Best Western Style Accessories

    For the best Western style accessories (that aren’t boots or a hat), opt for accessories that fit the trend but also transcend it. Designer accessories are a great way to compliment your current wardrobe and can often be worn to adapt to different trends. 

    Designer Western fashion

    1. Fringed Bags

    Fringed bags offer a Western flair to your outfits. These bags fit a number of different aesthetics, including a cowboy-inspired look. A lot of these bags are made from suede, which you should make sure to spray with a protectant to keep it in immaculate condition. 

    2. Leather Belts

    Everyone needs a good belt. Snake-print belts are perfect for the maximalists out there, whereas tie belts are a great alternative to the classic leather belt.

    3. Square Scarf

    Extra points if it has a bandana print. Scarves are a timeless and versatile accessory. You can fold or scrunch it and wear it in your jacket or shirt pocket. They can be worn in your hair or attached to your bag.

    For a western feel, wear your scarf around your neck or wear on your head Willie Nelson style.

    How To Wear A Square Scarf?

    Option 1: Fold the scarf into a triangle. Take the two widest corners and place around the neck. Tie the two ends together.

    Option 2: Fold the scarf into a triangle. Fold the long end down with a 1-2 inch fold, until the scarf becomes one strand. Tie around the neck with the tied ends at the front.

    Option 3: Fold the scarf into a triangle. Fold the long end down with a 1-2 inch fold, until the scarf becomes one strand. Tie around your head with the tied ends at the back.

    Why Are Cowboy Themes So Popular At The Moment?

    Cowboy themes have been in and out of vogue forever. At the moment, prominent musicians have been bringing country music and cowboy aesthetics into the limelight more than usual.

    While the impact has primarily been within the music industry, it has expanded beyonds those borders. Nashville, otherwise known as 'Music City', has seen a rapid increase in visitors over the last few years.

    We saw that when Lil Nas X released ‘Old Town Road’ in 2018, it marked an upward trend for cowboy and western themes within popular culture. Since this, Beyoncé, Post Malone, and Lana Del Rey have all revealed that they will be releasing country albums.

    It’s not to say that country music itself is having a comeback, it never really went anywhere. For diehard country fans, the cowboy lifestyle is intrinsic. More so, artists who typically perform other genres of music - such as pop, rap, r’n’b, etc - have been embracing a touch of western. 

    With songs come music videos and promo. And, then comes fashion. For Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Pharrell Williams heavily referenced Western motifs. The collection includes an embroidered Speedy and a Keepall with tassels.

    But why? That’s a more complex question to answer. There is not one conclusive answer, more of a mix of factors.

    It could be because people like the idea of running away from the big cities and escaping to a more simple life. It could be because people want to feel included in a part of history where they haven’t typically been represented. Or, it could be because we all want to be more like Dolly Parton.

    Where To Buy Western Fashion?

    Shop authenticated designer

    If it’s cowboy boots or a Stetson you’re after, these are easily found online with a quick search. If you want to go down the vintage route, eBay is a great place to look. If not, vintage stores will often have a lot of Western wear on offer.

    You can always buy them new, too. Especially because cowboy boots and hats are in fashion at the moment, they are easily found online or in cowboy boot stores across the country.

    If you are looking for designer accessories with a Western flair, take a look at myGemma’s selection of fringed bags, square scarves, and belts. Every item on the website has been expertly authenticated, so you can be confident that you are buying the real deal.

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    Is It Worth Investing In Trend Pieces?

    Yes, but only if they are pieces that work with trends, not trend pieces that you will wear for a month of your life. For example, fringed bags come in and out of fashion all the time, so you’d be able to get good use out of them throughout a lifetime. 

    It all depends on how much wear you think you will get out of a piece. Trends are there for fun, to guide your style throughout time, but not to replace your personal style. So, wear whatever you please, but just make sure your investment pieces are working for you.

    If not? It might be time to sell them on.

    How To Sell Designer Accessories Online

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