Trend Alert: Jewelry Watches

    At some point in recent history, minimalism made an exit. We collectively got simplicity ennui and have been craving extravagance and intricate detailing. With that being said, it’s safe to say that for 2024 standard watches are out and jewelry watches are in. Here are some of our favorites.

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    Without mentioning a period in time when staying indoors was the normal day-to-day, it is no wonder that in a post 2021 world we all craved a bit more glamor. Functional style took a backseat and we haven’t looked back (yet).

    The thrill of a frill has echoed throughout the fashion and luxury landscape for the past few years now. Whether it's the 'mob wife' trend or the bow trend that took over in 2023, it is clear that more is certainly more.

    Watches by default are a functional item, they are there to tell the time. Yet, luxury watches offer the perfect marriage of practicality and opulence. 

    What Is A Jewelry Watch?

    Watches are generally not considered as jewelry, but there are exceptions. If a watch is purely functional without extensive embellishments, it falls under the watch category. However, if a watch looks like jewelry from a distance and is made to be aesthetically pleasing, it is a jewelry watch.

    Generally, a jewelry watch will have an alternative and more decorative strap than your classic watch. This could be a chain-link strap or something more unique. Oftentimes a jewelry watch will feature diamonds and have a more elegant or unique silhouette than a dress or sports watch for example.

    If you are someone who doesn’t love the look of traditional watches, then a jewelry watch could be the answer. They look great worn on their own or combined with bracelets for a stack look.

    The Best Jewelry Watches

    Looking for a standout jewelry watch? These brands have some of the best jewelry watch designs.

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    1. Chopard

    The pinnacle of luxury, Chopard offers a number of exquisite jewelry watches. With diamond embellishments and unique detailing, the brand offers the height of luxury.

    2. Chanel

    You can always count on Chanel to offer timeless elegance and their watch offerings are no different. The watches with a chain-link strap perfectly encapsulate the jewelry watch category.

    3. Bvlgari

    Known for the Serpenti jewelry and sparkling diamond designs, Bvlgari’s watch edit will add an elegant flair to any outfit. 

    Where Can I Buy A Jewelry Watch?

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    How To Sell Watches Online?

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