Why Authenticated Resale Is The Future Of Luxury

    While in many cases luxury retail is struggling to stay afloat, the resale market is making moves. myGemma believes that authenticated resale is the future of luxury, and here is why.

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    There are so many reasons why the authenticated resale market is the future of luxury. Whether the financial benefits or the environmental angle appeals to you most, there is no denying that shopping pre-owned is a great choice.

    In a time where the economy is struggling and consumers look to make greener choices, resale just makes sense.

    What Is Authenticated Resale?

    Authenticated resale is the action of selling pre-owned products that have been through a process of being deemed authentic or real.

    The authentication process is put in place in order to eliminate any concern over the genuine nature of items. These products are generally going to be designer or luxury items, as these are the most likely to be counterfeited due to their high price point.

    Why Is Authenticated Resale The Future Of Luxury?

    It is clear that consumers are all onboard when it comes to authenticated luxury resale. And, why wouldn’t they be? There are a number of reasons why shopping resale feels entirely like the superior way to buy luxury goods.

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    1. It Is More Affordable

    The resale market allows customers to purchase brands that would otherwise be out of their usual budget. Especially for customers looking for products under $1,000, there are way more options available at resale. For example, Louis Vuitton bags all currently retail for over $1,000, but at resale you can find them for in the hundreds. 

    As with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. Hermès Birkin bags fetch more at resale than they do directly from the brand. This is due to scarcity and the fact that they are not offered or available to everyone.

    2. There Are More Options

    The resale market opens up a whole new world of luxury. Whether you missed out on an item from a past collection or you come across something you never knew you wanted, resale offers choice.

    3. It Is Safer

    No more having to worry about whether the pre-owned designer goods you buy online are genuine. When shopping luxury resale, it is important to make sure the company you are buying from offers guaranteed authenticity or your money back.

    4. You Can Buy & Sell

    Two birds, one stone. Most luxury resale platforms and websites will allow you to buy and sell in one place. You may only be interested in one or the other, but it streamlines the process if you are looking to do both. Once you find an authenticated resale platform that you trust and works for you, it is convenient to be able to do both things on the same site.

    The option to sell your designer items has many perks. It makes the initial purchase less intimidating when you know that you can get a percentage of it back if you do decide to sell. It is also a great way to declutter and make space for the things you really love.

    5. It Is Better For The Planet

    One of the most compelling and important reasons to shop resale is for the positive effect it has on the planet. When you buy at resale, you are promoting a circular economy. One in which there is less demand for production and new materials being used.

    When you buy at resale, you are buying something that is already in circulation. And, when it is a luxury item, you get the benefit of quality and longevity too. Buying and selling your designer goods helps to reduce waste, which can only be a good thing.

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    Where To Buy Authenticated Luxury Accessories?

    myGemma has a strict authentication process. No product goes online before being authenticated in-house by a member of the team.

    The website hosts a wide range of brands and accessories, such as Chanel bags and Rolex watches. myGemma sells only the very top-tier designer brands, including Hermès, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton.

    myGemma is a trusted authenticated luxury resale company. Check out our online reviews to see for yourself.

    How To Sell Designer Accessories Online

    Offering the full resale experience, you can both buy and sell on myGemma. The best part of selling directly to myGemma is that it is a seamless, quick, and easy process. There is no middleman involved and there are no hidden fees.

    On some resale platforms, such as eBay or Vestiaire Collective, you upload your products and have to wait for a sale to be made to get paid. With myGemma, there is no waiting around. We buy your designer items directly.

    All you have to do to get started is fill out the online form. From price quote to payment it can take as little as 24 hours. Give your designer accessories a new lease on life with myGemma.

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