Micro-Trends 101: What & Why?

    If you have ever been on TikTok, then you will have come across a multitude of micro-trends. Here’s what micro-trends are and how they come to be in the first place.

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    The world is always evolving and social media follows suit. Micro-trends are fairly short-lasting online phenomenons. When one finishes, a new one starts and the cycle repeats itself.

    Let’s delve into what micro-trends are and why they happen in the first place.

    What Is A Micro-Trend?

    Originating from Greek, the prefix ‘micro’ means extremely small. When we talk about micro-trends, what is being referred to is a short-lasting trend. ‘Micro-trend’ could also be interpreted as a trend with a small reach, however generally it is with regards to the length of interest in a particular trend.

    The rise of the micro-trend can largely be attributed to social media, and in particular, TikTok. As one of the more creative platforms, TikTok has allowed for all sorts of niche concepts and trends to gain traction. This is thanks to the effective algorithm at targeting the right audiences on the ‘For You’ page (known as FYP for those in the know).

    The trends can be anything from a beauty trend, fashion trend, or just a hot topic or humorous trend. These micro-trends surge in popularity and views and then disappear as quickly as they came. A lot of the micro-trends are started by popular culture moments, celebrities, and brands.

    Examples Of Micro-Trends

    2023 Micro-Trends

    Strawberry Girl Summer - This trend all began with Hailey Bieber and her beauty brand Rhode. Wearing red-hued natural looking makeup, Bieber posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption #strawberrygirlsummer. The trend moved over to TikTok and took the social world by storm. The micro-trend was created in order to promote a blush product that was later released.

    Tube Girl Effect - Sabrina Bahsoon posted herself dancing confidently on the tube and became known as 'Tube Girl'. Bahsoon inspired people all over the world to post themselves dancing on public transport with her signature filming style.

    Girl Dinner - This could even be called the ‘Girl Franchise’ at this stage. From ‘girl dinner’ to ‘girl math’, the internet went wild for humorous posts about the female collective mindset.

    2024 Micro-Trends (So Far!)

    Mob Wife - Along with the 25th anniversary of the first episode of TV show The Sopranos, the mob-wife aesthetic became a micro-trend in early 2024. This was one of the first micro-trends of the year and there will certainly be more to come.

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    Are Micro-Trends Bad?

    In short, sometimes. One of the issues with short-lived trends on social media platforms is that they can promote waste and the concept of ultra fast fashion. Trend cycles will always exist, which is why it is a good idea to buy fashion pieces that are not only trendy items, but can be worn long term.

    Fashion trends have always existed and won’t go anywhere. However, it is important to hold onto your own personal style rather than jump on trends just because of their rise in popularity.

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