How To Buy A Cartier LOVE Ring

    The Cartier LOVE ring is the baby sister of the brand’s iconic LOVE bracelet. Here is how to get your hands on one.

    Cartier Love ring

    Luxury lovers will know a thing or two about Cartier. Gone are the days when you had to decide if you are Team Juste Un Clou or Team LOVE. Cartier is the perfect brand to be worn mixed and matched, whether it’s mixing collections or metals, we are all for it.

    As one of the most popular luxury jewelry items, and certainly one of the most recognizable, the LOVE bracelet is a celebrity in its own right. The LOVE bracelets certainly get their fair share of the limelight. However, in this post we will discuss one of the collection’s other contenders, the Cartier LOVE ring.

    What Is Cartier LOVE?

    Aldo Cipullo created Cartier's LOVE Collection in 1969 when he invented the LOVE Bracelet. The unisex bangle-style bracelet revolutionized how the world looked at jewelry. 

    Designed with small engraved screw motifs all along the facade, the bracelet was created for everyday wear. At the time, this was unusual as luxury jewelry was generally made for special occasions.

    The luxury and fashion world had not yet seen such a modern design. The LOVE bracelet debuted a new approach to style. People viewed it as modern, minimalist, and far less lavish compared to the usual opulent jewelry of that era. The utilitarian detailing with the screw symbols was particularly avant-garde for the time.

    The LOVE Bracelet has an oval shape, so that it can be worn closely to the wrist, making it perfect for stacking with ease. The bracelet was designed to be worn by couples, celebrating the notion of eternal love.

    While staying true to its initial aesthetic, the LOVE Collection has expanded over time. It now includes a number of different jewelry pieces, including chain bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

    How To Wear The Cartier LOVE Ring?

    Cartier markets a thinner version of the ring: the LOVE wedding band. This style has the same look and feel of the standard LOVE ring, just with a smaller width.

    However, as with any item of jewelry, you can wear either as you please and these are interchangeable according to your preferences. In fact, a lot of men choose the standard LOVE ring as their wedding band.

    Shop Cartier Love rings

    Unlike the bracelets, it is not always comfortable or possible to stack rings. However, you can mix and match LOVE rings in different styles and metals on your fingers for an eclectic assortment. You can also wear a single LOVE ring on your wedding finger. The LOVE ring looks great paired with other Cartier rings, such as the Juste Un Clou ring and the Trinity ring.

    There are different thickness options but there are also different metals available, as well as decorative elements. 

    LOVE Ring: Metals

    The Cartier LOVE ring currently comes in four metals: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

    LOVE Ring: Models

    The Cartier LOVE ring is available in: the classic style, the wedding band style, the 11mm style, the solitaire style, and the small model.

    LOVE Ring: Diamonds

    The Cartier LOVE ring has three types of embellishment:

    • Classic (no diamonds)
    • Classic (three diamonds)
    • Classic (six diamonds)
    • Wedding band (no diamonds)
    • Wedding band (one diamond)
    • Wedding band (eight diamonds)
    • Wedding band (diamond pavé)
    • Small model (diamond pavé)
    • 11mm model (no diamonds)
    • Solitaire style (one diamond)

    How Much Is The Cartier LOVE Ring?

    Buy Cartier Love ring

    As of February 2024, the Cartier LOVE rings retail at between $1,250 and $40,200. At resale, on myGemma, they sell for between $850 and $4,500.

    The price of the Cartier LOVE ring will depend on the metal, whether it includes diamonds or not, and the condition. It is best to hold onto the original box, receipt, and anything else that comes with the initial purchase. This will help to keep the item's value higher and therefore make it easier to sell in future.

    A Brief History Of Cartier

    Louis-François Cartier founded his namesake brand in 1847, after taking over his master’s workshop. The brand saw quick success and expansion in France before making its way over to the United Kingdom and the United States.

    Cartier was a roaring success, especially considering the time in which the brand emerged. Despite the difficult circumstances, Cartier thrived during the French Revolution, defying expectations for a luxury brand. In 1859, Cartier opened its first boutique.

    Louis-François Cartier’s third grandson, Louis Cartier, took the company to a whole new level of international success. He was responsible for introducing iconic designs such as the Tank watch. Many people often consider Louis Cartier as one of the most important innovators in Cartier's history.

    Is The Cartier LOVE Ring Worth It?

    Yes! A significantly more affordable alternative to the bracelet but with the same signature hallmarks.

    Whether you are looking to start your LOVE collection or expand your current one, the Cartier LOVE ring is one of the more wallet-friendly options on offer. The LOVE Collection as a whole is one of the most coveted jewelry collections in the world, so the designs hold their value better than many other jewelry pieces.

    Cartier LOVE jewelry is the definition of timeless and defies all trends. It never goes out of style, making it a safe choice if you are looking for jewelry with longevity.

    Where To Buy A Cartier LOVE Ring?

    If you have got your heart set on a Cartier LOVE ring, there are a few ways you can purchase one. The easiest and quickest way to purchase a LOVE ring is to buy from a reseller. 

    myGemma is an authenticated pre-loved seller. Each and every item has been expertly authenticated by a member of the team before making its way onto the website and the app. You can shop with ease of mind knowing that you are buying the real deal.

    The website and app are regularly updated, so if the style you have in mind is not available, keep up to date by downloading the app. The myGemma app gives you first access to all new-in designs.

    Alongside the LOVE ring, myGemma also sells the coveted LOVE bracelets, LOVE necklaces, and LOVE earrings.

    How To Sell A Cartier LOVE Ring Online?

    Buy and sell in one place. If you already own a Cartier LOVE ring and would like to sell, myGemma offers the full resale experience. 

    myGemma’s mission is to make the selling experience as streamlined as possible. There is no middleman involved and no hidden fees. From price quote to payment, it can take as little as 24 hours.

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