How Much Is A Goyard Bag?

    Wanting to add a Goyard bag to your collection? Here is how much a Goyard bag costs and how you can get one.

    How Much Is A Goyard Bag?

    Goyard is one of the most elusive names in luxury fashion. Founded within a year of Louis Vuitton, the brand has always been much more secretive than most designer names. That’s why Goyard bags are perhaps less recognizable (at least by name) than bags from some of the other big designer brand names.

    ​​The Parisian luxury fashion brand does not participate in any advertising nor e-commerce. The marketing strategy seems to be to simply not have one. The brand also claims to not speak to the press, catapulting the brand into exclusivity. Goyard is for luxury lovers in the know. 

    The only way to buy a Goyard bag online is to buy it from a reseller. Otherwise, you’ll have to visit one of the stores to buy directly from the brand. 

    A Brief History Of Goyard

    Goyard’s history is an interesting one. The brand flourished from a trunk and box-making company called Maison Martin, which Pierre-François Martin founded in 1792.

    Martin was a widower and had no children, but he was the guardian of a woman called Pauline Moutat. He arranged for her to marry one of his employees, Louis-Henri Morel, and offered his business as her dowry.

    Goyard shoulder bag

    Louis-Henri Morel took over the role of successor and hired a 17-year-old apprentice in 1845. This apprentice was called François Goyard. Goyard was trained under both Martin and Morel.

    When Morel died in 1852, Goyard took over and renamed the business 'Maison Goyard' the following year. After 32 years, François Goyard took a step back and his son Edmond took over in 1885, who renamed the business once more to 'E. Goyard Aîné'.

    Jean-Michel Signoles acquired the company 1998 and helped to expand the product line-up as well as Goyard’s global presence. Today, people primarily know Goyard for its Goyardine canvas and high-quality tote bags.

    How Much Is A Goyard Bag?

    These are the retail prices of popular Goyard bags as of 2024:

    Goyard Saint Louis PM Price


    Goyard Saint Louis GM Price 


    Goyard Artois PM Price


    Goyard Artois MM Price


    Goyard Anjou Mini


    Goyard Anjou PM


    Goyard Anjou GM


    What Is Goyardine?

    Edmond Goyard created Goyardine canvas in 1892 and was inspired by his family’s history. The dot pattern is influenced by the log drives conducted by Goyard’s ancestors. The Y shape seen throughout references the central letter of the Goyard name. The pattern is finished with Edmond Goyard’s signature.

    Goyardine canvas is made from a mix of linen and cotton. It is then coated to be hard-wearing and water-resistant. That makes it a practical and durable fabric for accessories that are being used on the regular.

    Are Goyard Bags Hand-Painted?

    Up until the early 2000s, Goyardine was hand-painted. Now, Goyard uses screen printing to create the signature pattern. However, the personalizations that the business offers are still painted by hand.

    Where To Buy Goyard Bags?

    There are currently only 36 Goyard boutiques worldwide, three of which are in Paris. That means that in order to buy from a store, you’ll need to be located or going somewhere with a store.

    Goyard limits clients to four accessories per year to maintain that sense of exclusivity. If you do decide to visit one of the brand’s boutiques, sometimes there will be a long wait. Many of the stores see long lines outside the store that can last for hours. You also will not necessarily be let into the store.

    Shop Goyard bags online

    The easiest way to source a Goyard bag is from the secondhand market. There, you can find bags that are in pristine condition or with a more vintage feel.

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    How To Sell Goyard Bags Online?

    While some designer accessories retain value, some are even money makers. The Goyard Saint Louis tote is a difficult bag to get ahold of. Therefore depending on the condition of your bag, it could sell for more than the retail price.

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