Cartier LOVE Bracelet Sizes Explained

    If you have been wanting a Carter LOVE Bracelet of your own, but are unsure about what size to get, we have created the ultimate LOVE bracelet sizing guide.

    Cartier Love Bracelet Sizes Explained

    One of Cartier’s most iconic designs is undeniably the Cartier LOVE bracelet. For decades, Cartier’s LOVE bracelets have been the must have accessory for luxury jewelry lovers.

    If you have been wanting a Love bracelet of your own, but are unsure about what Cartier LOVE bracelet size to get, we have created the ultimate Cartier Love bracelet sizing guide.

    Keep reading as our luxury jewelry experts demystify LOVE bracelet sizes so you can confidently buy your perfectly sized bracelet.

    How Are Cartier LOVE Bracelets Sized?

    Understanding Cartier LOVE bracelet sizes is an important part of buying a LOVE bracelet. Cartier sizes their bracelets in centimeters, from sizes 15cm to 21cm. Any sizes that fall out of this range are special orders.

    How To Find Your Cartier LOVE Bracelet Size

    To find the perfect Cartier LOVE bracelet size for you, we have created a printable sizer guide so that you can easily and accurately measure your wrist. If your wrist is a half size, such as 15.5cm, round up to 16cm.

    After you use the Cartier LOVE bracelet sizer to find your wrist’s size, you need to decide if you want a tight or loose-fitting LOVE bracelet. For a tight fit, add one centimeter to your wrist size and for a loose fit, add two centimeters.

    How To Use The Cartier Love Bracelet Size Guide

    Before printing out the wrist sizer, make sure that you are printing onto a standard 8.5 by 11 page, with 'page scaling' set to 'none' and the PDF set at 100%. To confirm the accuracy of the sizer, use a ruler to see if the two-inch sample is set to scale, if it is not then the sizing will be off.

    Find Your Love Bracelet Size In 6 Simple Steps:

    1. Cut out the Cartier Love bracelet wrist sizer.
    2. Cut out a small line in the wrist sizer where it says 'cut here'.
    3. Place the pointed end of the wrist sizer into the cut you made at the opposite end.
    4. Gently tighten the sizer until it comfortably fits around your wrist but is not so tight that it presses into your skin.
    5. The number that the arrow points to is your wrist size. If you have a half size, such as 15.5cm, round up to 16cm.
    6. Depending on how you want your LOVE bracelet to fit, add 1cm for a tight fit and 2cm for a looser fit. 

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