The Most Popular Times Of The Year To Get Engaged

While proposals happen all throughout the year, what are the most popular times of the year to get engaged? We take a close look at the most popular holidays and special occasions to ask that special person to marry you.

Most Popular Times Of The Year To Get Engaged

What Are The Most Popular Times Of The Year To Get Engaged?

  1. Christmas Day
  2. New Year's Eve
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Thanksgiving Day
  5. 4th of July
  6. Birthday


Christmas Day

It’s no surprise that this is the most popular time to pop the question, when many want to turn those jingle bells into wedding bells. A few factors contribute to why this day (as well as Christmas Eve) work for so many:

1) It is the most celebrated time of the year when many people take time off from work; built-in vacation time equals extra time to prepare.

2) You are already spending it with family and friends, so why not make it merrier with good news?

3) The season of gift giving is contagious, and who doesn’t love receiving a bit of sparkle, especially in the form of a blingy ring?

the most popular times of the year to get engaged

New Year’s Day

New Year's is an incredibly popular day to get engaged. Popping champagne and popping the question go hand in hand. Kicking off a new year as a newly engaged couple has a nice ring to it. Plus, once that ball drops, you likely are already canoodling with the love of your life and making a toast to new beginnings!

top times of the year to get engaged

Valentine’s Day

A no brainer here, this holiday is all about celebrating L-O-V-E. An I DO and a diamond ring to match, beat out any box of chocolates or conversation hearts any day making this day especially sweet. Valentine's is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged.

thanksgiving proposal

Thanksgiving Day

This holiday of giving thanks officially kicks off “engagement season.” A holiday typically spent surrounded by family and close friends has most couples feeling extra grateful, especially if they choose this day for their proposal.

fireworks engagement

4th of July

Make your own fireworks and say yes to the ring! Go against the wave and make Independence Day instead a day of union between two people.

birthday engagement

A Birthday

This celebratory day has an element of surprise - since you’re anticipating celebrating another year around the sun, not necessarily an engagement! The surprise of an engagement (plus, a sparkly ring as a birthday gift!) that makes for an unforgettable day; as a bonus, it’s an easy engagement anniversary to remember in the years to come.

Once you a firm 'yes', there is only one thing left to do: start the wedding planning and prepare to tie the knot!

Fun Engagement Statistics

  • 99% of grooms do the proposing
  • 90% of engagement announcements happen on social media
  • 87% still consider a diamond ring as their top choice over other stones
  • 80% admit to dropping hints about their ring preferences
  • 40% of marriage proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day
  • 40% of proposers start planning one to three months in advance of the proposal
  • 19% of engagements occur in the month of December, making this the most popular month to get engaged

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