How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

By learning how to clean your diamond jewelry, you can keep your pieces looking vibrant and full of sparkle.

How To Clean Diamond Jewelry


As much as we love wearing our diamond jewelry, everyday activities can make grime accumulate and leave our jewelry looking dull. By learning how to clean your diamond jewelry, you can keep your pieces looking vibrant and full of sparkle.

While diamonds are the toughest natural substance in the world, it is important to learn proper cleaning techniques to ensure that you do not accidentally damage the diamond or its setting. Keep reading as we show you simple and effective diamond cleaning techniques as well as tips for keeping your jewelry looking its best for years to come.


How Does Diamond Gewelry Get Dirty?

The smallest gestures can dirty your diamond jewelry without you even realizing it. Substances such as dirt, makeup, perfume, hair products, lotions and even the oil from your fingers can make grime to build up on your diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, grime prevents light from entering the diamond, diminishing its brilliance and making it look dull.

How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

While there are dozens of cleaning methods for various types of metal settings, we have gathered our top 3 diamond jewelry cleaning techniques that are safe for all metal types.

1. Clean your diamond jewelry with a toothbrush

This easy cleaning method just requires tools that you likely already have at home.

Tools: Warm (not boiling) water, a few drops of dish soap, a clean and soft toothbrush, soft cloth

Steps to follow:

  1. Add a few drops of dish soap to the warm water to make a cleaning solution
  2. Let your jewelry soak for 20 minutes in the cleaning solution
  3. Use a toothbrush to gently clean your jewelry
  4. Thoroughly rinse off your jewelry to make sure that there is no soap residue
  5. Gently dry your jewelry with a soft cloth

2. Put your diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are devices that send high frequency sound waves through a cleaning solution to remove built-up grime.

Tools: Ultrasonic cleaner, soft cloth

Steps to follow:

  1. Buy an ultrasonic cleaner if you do not already own one (some cost as little as $30)
  2. Add water and a few drops of dish soap into the ultrasonic cleaner to create a cleaning solution
  3. Place your jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner and turn it on
  4. Once the cleaning cycle finishes, remove your jewelry and gently dry it with a soft cloth

Note: Do not use ultrasonic cleaners if your diamond has been fracture filled or laser drilled because there is a chance that it will break during the cleaning process. Be sure to reference your diamond’s paperwork, such as a GIA report, to see if it received any treatments that makes it susceptible to damage in an ultrasonic cleaner.

3. Have your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned

You can meet with a professional jeweler to get your diamond jewelry thoroughly cleaned. In addition to cleaning your jewelry, the jeweler will inspect your piece for damage and loose diamonds. Most jewelers charge a nominal fee for cleanings.

How Often Should I Clean Diamond Jewelry?

The frequency that you clean your jewelry will depend on how often your wear the piece and your daily activities. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recommends cleaning engagement rings once or twice a week.

However, jewelry that is not worn as much can go for longer without cleanings. As for professional diamond jewelry cleanings, the rule of thumb is to meet with a jeweler twice a year for cleanings and general inspections to make sure that nothing is damaged.

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning Tips

  • If you are cleaning your jewelry at the sink, always make sure that the drain is closed. As trite as this sounds, you might be saving yourself an emergency visit from the plumber.
  • Always use a soft and clean toothbrush that you have specifically dedicated for cleaning your diamond jewelry. A brush with toothpaste residue can damage certain metals.
  • Never use bleach or other harmful cleaning solutions on your jewelry. Certain metals are porous and can become easily damaged when exposed to these chemicals.
  • If your diamond jewelry is older or tension set (where compression pressure holds the diamond in place rather than traditional prongs), make sure that you are very gentle when cleaning them.
  • The more regularly you clean your diamond jewelry, the easier subsequent cleanings will be since there will be less accumulated grime to clean off.
  • If you apply perfume, makeup, lotions or any other products, allow them to fully dry before putting on your diamond jewelry.
  • Consider taking off your diamond jewelry before doing any activity that could dirty it such as gardening, cooking or exercising.

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