Top Reasons To Shop Second-Hand Luxury

    With sustainability and social consciousness at the forefront of everyone's minds, shopping second-hand luxury items has become second-nature for many. From consignment stores to pre-owned luxury online retailers, shopping second-hand has never been easier. We take a look at the benefits of shopping pre-loved luxury items.

    Why Shop Second-Hand Luxury

    Top Reasons To Shop Second-Hand Luxury

    1. Eco-friendly
    2. Affordable
    3. Fashion forward
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    1. Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Luxury

    Millennials place more emphasis than ever before on creating a positive footprint. Purchasing pre-owned goods plays an integral role in reducing waste and the impact of fashion on the environment.

    There is no longer a negative connotation attached to shopping pre-owned. In fact, shopping pre-owned is something to be proud of: it is the best way to eliminate waste in the fashion industry and to reduce your environmental impact.

    Buying second-hand and selling the items you no longer love recycles luxury goods back into the industry. Prolonging the life of luxury goods reduces the demand for producing new goods.

    2. Affordable luxury

    For so long, luxury items were out of reach and inaccessible to the younger markets. The ability to buy these same items second-hand for a fraction of the price has completely changed that. Luxury items that were once unattainable are now available at unbeatable prices with second-hand luxury. Big ticket items can now be a part of the everyday for everyone.

    'Today's customer is not only savvy but also conscious in so many ways - socially, environmentally, financially. It only makes sense that they understand and seek out the value in purchasing pre-owned luxury jewelry and watches that look and feel as good as those that are brand new, for a fraction of the price.

    The younger generations want affordable, accessible luxury and know that pre-owned is a great way to fulfill their needs. MyGemma was created to respond to this massive demand. It is the new way of shopping and is a rapidly growing segment across the board.' - Andrew Brown, CEO, myGemma.

    Spending money has become significantly more guilt-free with the knowledge that it can be easily repurposed through a multitude of channels.

    3. Fashion Forward

    Buy, sell, repeat, at its core, means the ability to constantly circulate the items in your closet, enabling shoppers to always remain at the forefront of the trends.

    It also allows you to find discontinued, rare, one of a kind pieces.

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    Buy, Sell, Repeat

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