Men's Diamond Jewelry

Welcome to the bling backlash. While more men are wearing more diamonds more often, they’re doing it more discreetly. Look for men’s diamond jewelry that goes to the dark side, with black or brown stones set in black titanium or black tungsten. The playlist has switched from hip hop to progressive rock, .

Men's Diamond Jewelry

Men's Diamond Jewelry

Welcome to the bling backlash. While more men are wearing more diamonds more often, they’re doing it more discreetly. Look for men’s diamond jewelry that goes to the dark side, with black or brown stones set in black titanium or black tungsten. This season, the playlist has switched from hip hop to progressive rock.

Men's Earrings

Athletes and entertainers have been wearing diamond ear studs since Justin Timberlake was a teen heartthrob. The difference now: those studs are more likely to be worn in pairs and the trend has moved into the mainstream. Because of that, ear studs are the exception in an overall trend toward neat-and-discreet men’s diamond jewelry. Here, bigger is better. Biggest is best of all.

And, although NBA and NFL players still go for great big diamonds appropriate to their great big bodies and great big paychecks, it’s now soccer stars who are notorious for the flashiest diamond earrings (even though they’re not allowed to wear them—or any other body jewelry–on the field). Cristiano Ronaldo recently made headlines by dropping $13,000 on a set of black diamonds, although Neymar, ever the bad boy, keeps up his nonconformist cred by wearing multiple pavé-set hoops.

Men's Rings

For wedding bands, trendy types are forgoing the simply unadorned, like Tiffany’s classic platinum band, for either pavé diamond versions or the aggressively plain bands made of black ceramic, black titanium, cobalt-chromium, tungsten-carbide, or an assortment of other alloys borrowed from the aerospace industry.

The newest engagement ring/wedding band hybrids feature stones in gypsy settings, meaning that they’re countersunk so that the top of the stone is level with the rest of the ring. Look for men’s diamond jewelry like the Groove Ring that Paloma Picasso designed for Tiffany’s; or, summing up most of the trends in a single ring: Harry Winston’s single diamond Zalium band, made of the jeweler’s proprietary, zirconium-based alloy that just so happens to be—you guessed it—black.

Men's Watches

The guys who used to wear great big chronograph watches with lots of wattage have gone over to the dark side too. Now the diamonds are apt to be accents on a dark watch face—think the TAG Heuer Aquaracer or Rolex Daytona 116508—done in ways that make their substitution for numerals seem positively practical. (So much easier to read!)

So, while an all-diamond Rolex Pearlmaster will always be the kind of piece that collectors covet and auction houses call “important,” a Rolex Datejust 36 with a black face and diamond accents is the far more fashionable buy.

Men's Bracelets

For men, a diamond bracelet has become a way to accessorize sweats and hoodies. Look for diamonds so discreet that don’t look like diamonds (Alessa’s black pavé diamond bangle) or diamonds mounted on cords, leather, or rubber (like the Spiritual Beads bracelet from David Yurman). Again, the idea is to put the diamonds—preferably black, definitely small—someplace where they can’t be seen. The rule: If you can’t wear it to the gym, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing it at all.

Tie Bars, Tie Tacks, Tie Pins

Not so long ago, menswear was having a Fifties throwback moment and vintage and vintage-look tie bars were all the rage. Now, alas, that moment has passed. Few new tie bars or tie tacks are being designed and, when they are, they look like something was picked up at the hardware store and then covered with pavé diamonds. A prime example: Cartier’s Juste un Clou tie pin. Your better bet for ties and lapels: brooches (see below).

Men's Brooches

Yep, it’s a menswear category now. The idea is to take a diamond brooch that looks like it was inherited from your grandmother, and then wear it like a lapel pin—a trend pioneered by the late Karl Lagerfeld, taken up by Zac Posen and Jay-Z, and now worn by everyone from Pharrell Williams to Usher. (Plus, of course, David Beckham, who has never met a jewelry trend he didn’t like.)

Men's Pendants

The trend for neckwear goes in two—totally opposite—directions. First come adorable, vintage-look pendants that look like something mom might have gotten as a Sweet Sixteen present, as worn by fashion-forward types like actor Timothée Chalamet. At the polar opposite are ultra-utilitarian designs done in diamonds, like Virgil Abloh’s diamond-crusted paperclip jewelry or David Yurman’s dogtag done in black pavé. Both options are discreet and stylish because of their surprise factor, not their size.

Shirt Studs and Cufflinks

Forget onyx. The shirt studs that granddad wore probably featured small diamonds set in onyx, and now the latest looks feature small diamonds set in titanium or Zalium. (Of course, those are both black too, so they end up looking pretty much the same.) The idea here is to be fashionably understated. Proof: Even P. Diddy, previously king of bling, can now be seen wearing shirt studs that look they originally belonged to Cary Grant.

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