Sell Bulgari Festa Jewellery

Bulgari’s masterful Italian inspired creations have been celebrated by lovers of high fashion, royalty and A-listers. Bulgari’s Festa is one of the jewellery house’s latest high fashion collections with over a hundred complex and colourful statement pieces. As a perspective Bulgari Festa jewellery seller, you want to work with a reputable buyer who understands the value of your Bulgari Festa jewellery and will pay you its full second-hand value.

Sell Bulgari Festa Jewellery

Keep reading as we show you how to determine your jewellery’s worth, popular luxury jewellery buyers and how you can sell Bulgari Festa jewellery for the most money.

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About Bulgari Festa Jewellery

Introduced in 2017 at a lavish party in Venice, Bulgari’s Festa collection is devoted to expressing the excitement and diversity of Italian festivals. Bulgari designer Lucia Silvestri explained that “joy, and sharing that joy with others in a public or private celebration is very much part of the Italian art de vivre.” Each Festa piece is rooted in Italian celebrations, glamourous Italian princesses and joyful images of childhood, expressed through motifs of colourful balloons, cakes, gift boxes, pepperoncini and ballrooms. A magnificent array of colourful gemstones adorns each creation, many of which took years to source and cut such as the 180 ct. sapphire adorned necklace and 59 ct. emerald necklace that mirrors Elizabeth Taylor’s original Bulgari necklace.


What Is My Bulgari Festa Jewellery Worth?

The value of your Bulgari Festa jewellery is based on the following:

  • Jewellery Type: The Festa collection spans necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
  • Gemstones: Your jewellery likely features an array of gemstones including sapphires, emeralds, malachite, diamonds, amethyst or peridot. Be sure to identify the exact gemstones your jewellery has and their respective carat weights.
  • Metals: Your jewellery will either be made with platinum, 18k gold or a mix of platinum and 18k gold.
  • Condition: Jewellery that is significantly damaged or missing gemstones will require costly repairs that deduct from your jewellery’s overall value. Conversely, jewellery in good condition will sell for more.
  • Pictures: As the Festa collection is complex, pictures of your jewellery will help potential buyers get a better idea of your piece.
  • Box and Papers: When kept in good condition, the box and papers that came with your Festa jewellery upon purchase will increase the overall value of your jewellery. You can also reference the paperwork to get the exact details about the gemstones and metals in your jewellery.

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Who Buys Bulgari Festa Jewellery?

Pawnshops Local
Low offers
Hatton Garden Located in London
Multiple buyers
Stressful environment
High pressure selling tactics
Potential unscrupulous buyers
Auction Houses Luxury jewellery experts
Sells on your behalf
Long selling process
Auction fees
No guarantee of a sale
Private Ads Make your own ad on platforms such as eBay and Facebook
Set your price
Most platforms have selling fees
Pricing jewellery is difficult without industry knowledge
Potential scammers
No guarantee of a sale
myGemma Fast
Sell online or via appointment
Expert luxury buyers
High-end selling experience
No obligation to sell
No fees
In person appointments are limited to the US and UK

How To Sell Bulgari Festa Jewellery

Simply click the button below to start the process of selling your Bulgari jewellery. Our experts will be in touch with your price quote. We can then provide free, fully insured shipping to send your jewellery in for a final price, or schedule an in person appointment. Once we have examined your items in person, we can provide a final price. There are no fees or commissions deducted from this. The entire selling process can take as little as 48 hours, from price quote to payment.