What Is Authentication? A Brief Overview

In the world of luxury goods, authentication is a key process. But, what exactly is it?

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In the world of resale for luxury goods, the word ‘authentication’ is likely to come up. If this word doesn't come up anywhere on the company's website, this should be cause for concern.

When buying luxury goods, make sure you buy from a trusted source to avoid potentially purchasing counterfeit designer products. Unfortunately, things are not necessarily always as they seem. If a designer accessory online has a suspiciously low price tag, it is likely to be too good to be true.

Discover why this process is important and where to purchase authentic designer accessories on the resale market. What Is Authentication?

Defining Authentication

Authentication is the process of proving or certifying that an item is genuine. For luxury and designer accessories, this process is in place to prove items are from the brand they claim to be.

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Just because an item online claims to be from Tiffany & Co. and comes in a little blue box, that does not mean that this is the case. A sad reality is that the counterfeit products on the black market are getting much more convincing. However, the quality will not be up to par and the value will be incomparable. 

Authenticating Designer Goods

The type of authentication will differently within different fields. An expert needs to perform the process for luxury goods.

Generally, this will be a category expert. Ideally, authenticators will only work within a relatively specific category. That could be watches, jewelry, clothing, leather goods, and other fashion accessories.

With authentication in luxury, there are different levels of difficulty. Sometimes it is obvious to the average luxury buyer’s eye if an item is inauthentic. This could be because the logo is not quite right, the quality is subpar, or because the stitching is unravelling. A number of tell tale signs can be present that will point to a designer item being fake.

However, for many designer goods, the process is much more complex. With so many convincing fake designer items on the market, expert authentication is absolutely key. If you are looking to buy a Chanel bag or a Cartier bracelet on the secondhand market, make sure you know the resale company is trustworthy and has a rigorous assessment process.

authenticated designer handbagsLuxury authentication is extremely valuable and therefore a secretive process.  It takes experience and extensive training to become an authenticator. A primary reason for maintaining confidentiality is that the more knowledge counterfeiters acquire, the more proficient they become at replicating the genuine article.

Confirming that a designer item is genuine is vital to both the resale company and the consumer. Consumers desire assurance that they are purchasing genuine designer pieces, and companies aim to earn the trust of their customers.

Why Does It Matter So Much?

It matters because customers do not want to waste their time. No one wants to spend an excessive amount of time researching a company and trying to uncover if their designer goods are real or not.

Knowing that there is a process in place is highly beneficial to the customer’s peace of mind and ease of shopping. This is particularly the case with designer goods as they have a higher price point.

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Authentication processes vary from company to company. The most hands-on way to authenticate is by having an in-house authentication team. Some companies choose to outsource their authentication to a third party. Then there is AI, which is a newer method, which checks if sellers have a history of selling counterfeit items.

Where To Buy Authenticated Luxury?

myGemma is the go-to online destination for sourcing your designer and luxury accessories. Our team of experts authenticate each item that goes onto the website. With your purchase, you will receive an authenticity card to prove it has been through the in-house authentication process. If it’s not real, myGemma does not sell it. 

On myGemma’s website, and on the app, you’ll find designer accessories from a wide range of luxury brands. From Hermès handbags to Rolex watches, there truly is a designer accessory for everyone. Download the myGemma app for early access to new arrivals and popular items that tend to sell out fast.

myGemma sells across a number of categories, including jewelry, watches, handbags, small leather accessories, and more. You’ll find designer goods at a fraction of the original retail price, all authenticated for your peace of mind.

When you buy from myGemma, you contribute towards a circular economy. The planet and your wallet will thank you.

How To Sell Designer Accessories Online?

If you’re looking to sell rather than buy, myGemma also buys your designer accessories. With no middleman involved, myGemma purchases directly from you, so you do not have to wait around for a sale to take place.

Selling to myGemma is safe and quick way to sell your luxury accessories online for the right price. From price quote to payment, it can take as little as 24 hours. Simply fill out the online form today to get started and a member of myGemma’s team will be in contact with a quote.

The entire process is designed to be as simple, efficient, and fast as possible. 

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