How To Sell Gucci Handbags

    If you are looking to sell a Gucci handbag, myGemma provides a fast and secure transaction. Established in 2012, our team of luxury handbag experts are on hand to provide price quotes for your luxury pieces.

    how to sell gucci bags

    What Is My Gucci Bag Worth?

    There are a variety of factors that impact the value of your Gucci handbag on the second-hand market. These are: age, rarity, and condition.

    • Age: New trend pieces and vintage handbags in high demand perform well on the second-hand market.
    • Rarity: Often the most expensive Gucci bags are limited editions, those produced in very small quantities.
    • Condition: Handbags with heavy wear and tear will be worth less compared to those kept in mint condition. As such, it is always important to store and maintain your Gucci bags properly. It is also important to keep any receipts, authenticity papers, as well as the original bag and box.

    What Are Acceptable Conditions For A Gucci Bag?

    Unsure about the condition of your Gucci handbag and if you are able to sell it? This chart is a useful guide:

    Accepted Declined
    Structure Minor creasing or indentations Heavy loss of shape
    Exterior Minor scratches, discoloration, or marks Heavy scratches, discoloration, or staining
    Interior Light scratches, wear, or marks Heavy scratches, stains, or tears
    Odor Light (perfume) Heavy (cigarettes, storage)
    Corners Minor wear Heavy wear, exposed piping
    Hardware Minimal scuffs, discoloration Heavy scratches, discoloration, tarnish

    The Best Place To Sell Gucci Bags

    It pays to sell Gucci handbags to the luxury experts. At myGemma, we provide a fast and secure transaction with no unexpected fees deducted.

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    At myGemma, we provide the option of selling Gucci handbags online or via appointment. Sell online with our free, fully insured shipping: you can track your package every step of the way and will be notified once it arrives the following business day.

    Appointments are available at our modern and centrally located offices in NYC, the UK, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Here you can meets with our experts in person, they will assess your items and provide a final price. These are available Monday- Friday and last around 30 minutes.

    Regardless of which selling option you choose, our process is free of charge and there is never any obligation to sell.

    About Gucci

    Italian luxury fashion house, Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. After a career as a porter at the Savoy hotel in London, then a stint working for a luggage brand, he eventually opened his own leather goods store in Florence selling leather horse saddles. The store branched out to produce other leather accessories and brought on Guccio’s 3 sons in 1938.

    Alessandro Michele took over as creative director in 2015 and his eclectic aesthetic had redefined the brand. With its iconic GG logo, Gucci is the ultimate in chic luxury fashion.

    Which Gucci Bags Can I Sell?

    We buy a wide range of authentic Gucci handbags, from tote bags to shoulder bags, including:

    • GG Marmont
    • Gucci Horsebit
    • Sylvie
    • Soho
    • Dionysus
    • Ophidia
    • Rajah

    About myGemma

    We believe that selling your designer items should be as enjoyable as the process of buying them was. As such, we focus on providing honest quotes, strong prices and a streamlined, transparent service. We do not use high-pressure sales tactics or haggle, we simply provide our best prices upfront.

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