Sell Cartier Baignoire Watches

The Cartier Baignoire watch is known for its elegance, timelessness and style. Keep reading as we explain how to sell your Cartier watches for the best possible prices.

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How Much Can I Get For My Cartier Baignoire?

The reality is that second-hand prices for Cartier Baignoire vary widely. Age, condition, model, servicing, original box, papers and more determine the value. Simply click the button below to have a myGemma luxury experts provide a price quote for your specific piece.

Where To Sell Cartier Baignoire Watches?

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How To Know If My Cartier Baignoire Is Real?

There are unfortunately numerous counterfeit models of this watch on the market. To ensure your Cartier Baignoire is authentic, our experts will need to examine your item in person.

Where To Buy Cartier Baignoire Watches?

Shop pre-owned and expertly authenticated Cartier watches at myGemma. From Tank watches to Baignoire watches, browse an ever-changing selection of luxury goods.

History Of The Cartier Baignoire Watch

The watch that would eventually become the Cartier Baignoire was developed in the early 1900s to demonstrate Cartier’s ability to create unique timepieces for all. Fanfare for this timeless watch has only grown over the years. Any Cartier Baignoire pre-dating 1980 is considered vintage.

Distinguishing Features Of The Cartier Baignoire

As with most Cartier pieces, Roman numerals, and steel blue hands adorn the face of this classic watch. One distinguishing feature stems from the unique, yet elegant ellipse shape formed in a single line on the Cartier Baignoire.