Why Vintage Chanel Never Gets Old (Pun Intended)

Not all vintage is created equal and vintage Chanel is in a league of its own. Here is why.

Vintage Chanel handbags

If history is anything to go by, Chanel will never go out of style and while new Chanel is great, there is something particularly special about vintage Chanel.

Why Is Vintage Chanel So Good?

We’re glad you asked! Although, we cannot answer that question in one sentence. Here is why vintage Chanel is quite simply, the best type of vintage:

1. The Quality

Due to the scale of production that comes with modern demand, it is fair to say that most brands struggle to uphold the quality standard of their earlier days. This isn’t unique to Chanel, and in general, top-tier luxury brands still produce high-quality investment pieces.

One criticism of post-2008 Chanel is that the yellow gold hardware used on the bags is no longer gold plated like it once was. The older styles of bags used to boast 24-karat gold plating on the hardware, such as the clasps and the shoulder strap chain.

Chanel gold hardware

A lot of Chanel lovers also comment on the superior quality and durability of the leather on vintage models.

The reason current-day quality isn’t quite what it used to be is simply down to demand. Decades ago, it was only the very few who could afford to buy a Chanel handbag, and so the production numbers were much smaller. Therefore, the process of making Chanel bags was more artisanal and no corners were cut.

2. The Prices

Chanel’s prices have continued to soar over the years, becoming increasingly unattainable for many who dreamed of owning one. The french fashion Maison maintains a fairly limited production line, which is why many resort to the secondary market to acquire their dream handbag.

While Chanel bags have a great resale value, it is usually still more affordable to go down the vintage and pre-owned route. The price of Chanel bags can vary depending on the model and condition. However, customers have the opportunity to purchase them at a significantly lower price than at retail.

3. The Rarity

If you are looking for a bag that is a little bit different, vintage is the way forward. As well as being able to find classic flap bags, you’ll come across rare, seasonal styles from past collections. 

Vintage Chanel clutch bag

The great thing about buying a vintage Chanel bag is that it opens up a whole new world of Chanel. Whether it's for nostalgic reasons, because you loved a particular era of Chanel (say, the early Karl Lagerfeld days), or because you simply love finding rare gems, pre-owned is the only way.

4. The Eco Route

Every pre-owned Chanel bag has a story to tell. Think about when the bag was made, the artisans who made it, and who got to carry it for the very first time. When you buy pre-owned, you help to continue the story.

It is no secret that the most sustainable way to shop is to shop pre-loved. Opting to purchase vintage items positively impacts the resale market by extending the life of fashion pieces.

Where To Buy Vintage Chanel?

The escalating prices of Chanel, coupled with the scarcity of specific designs, have led many to turn to the resale market for their purchases. Here, you’ll find pristine handbags as well as vintage designs, so there really is something for everyone.

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Vintage Chanel for sale

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Where To Sell Vintage Chanel?

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