Get The Look: '90s Fashion

It will come as no surprise that ‘90s fashion is back and has been for quite some time. As the trend for pre-millennium style continues to flourish, these are some of the best ‘90s fashion-inspired luxury accessories.

90s fashion accessories


The ‘90s gave us The Spice Girls, the supermodel, and 'Clueless', to name but a few icons of the decade. With this, the fashion world saw a shift away from the brash looks of the ‘80s in favor of a more minimalist and pared-back aesthetic. Thirty years later, we’re still looking back to the outfits of the time and the accessories that went alongside.

The ‘90s have seen a major revival in the luxury fashion landscape. An era that gave us some of the most iconic moments in fashion history, especially thanks to the likes of Fashion TV, designers still don’t want to let go. These are some of the accessories that scream '90s fashion.

What Is ‘90s Fashion?

The style of a decade can’t be totally summarized. Trends evolve throughout the year let alone an entire decade. This is why what we see from the early ‘90s often can look very different to the late ‘90s. The ‘90s revival that has been dominating the fashion-sphere covers all aspects of the decade, from bucket hats to tiny glasses.

One of the overarching themes of the decade was a penchant for minimalism. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes fully embraced the simple aesthetic. It wasn’t uncommon to see monochromatic outfits on the red carpet, showing a love for single-hued outfits. In the ‘90s, blazers reigned supreme along with Prada nylon accessories, in a demonstrably pared-back approach to dressing and accessorizing.

What Are The Best ‘90s Fashion Accessories?

  1. Prada Cleo Bag
  2. Fendi Baguette Bag
  3. Choker Necklaces
  4. Leopard Print
  5. Prada Nylon Backpack & Shoulder Bag
  6. '90s Gucci

While some of these accessories are simply reminiscent of the era, others are a product of the time.

'90s luxury accessories

1. Prada Cleo Bag

A refreshed take on a bag from Prada’s archives, the Cleo bag is intrinsically ‘90s. The bag has a curved silhouette, a simple short shoulder strap, and the brand’s iconic triangle enamel logo plaque on the front. 

Retail price range: $2,750 - $3,850
Resale price range: $1,450 - $1,550

2. Fendi Baguette Bag

The Fendi Baguette bag is a true ‘90s baby. Released in 1997, the compact accessory perfectly imbues a ‘90s appeal. It is widely regarded as the first ‘it’ bag, thanks to its momentous success. One of the key moments that led to the bag’s upward trajectory was when it not only featured in 'Sex & The City', but it was mentioned. In an episode of the show, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw gets mugged. The robber asks for her bag, in which she replies ‘it’s a Baguette’. The scene was thought to be a defining moment for the show. It was due to the Baguette’s success that the LVMH group acquired Fendi in 1999.

Retail price range: $1,590 - $9,500
Resale price range: $695 - $1,995

3. Choker Necklaces

One trend that dominated the ‘90s, especially the grunge scene, was the choker necklace. However, there wasn’t one particular brand or style that monopolized the trend, with everything from a thin leather band choker, to more luxurious styles from big designer names.

Resale price range: $795 - $10,995

4. Leopard Print

In particular, Versace leopard print. The animal print was the key pattern of the ‘90s. Think Shania Twain in her music video for ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’, or Cindy Crawford on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Resale price range: $550 - $1,395

5. Prada Nylon Backpack & Shoulder Bag

Nothing says ‘90s luxury quite like the nylon collection from Prada. A favorite to this day, the ‘90s saw the beginnings of the nylon trend. Muiccia Prada introduced nylon to Prada’s bag designs after she became infatuated by the modern look and practicality of the fabric. While the nylon bags came out in the ‘80s, the ‘90s helped to cement their popularity with the smaller shoulder bag designs and the original backpack. In 2019, Prada came out with Re-Nylon, which is made of regenerated nylon for a more environmentally friendly take on the fabric.

Prada nylon backpack: 
Retail price range: $1,850 - $2,050
Resale price range: $690 - $1,290

Prada nylon shoulder bag:
Retail price range: $1,290 - $2,800
Resale price range: $795 - $1,250

6. ‘90s Gucci

As one of fashion's most celebrated brands, it's no wonder Italian fashion maison Gucci only recruits the best creative forces. The '90s were the Tom Ford era for Gucci. Striking the perfect balance of provocative and effortless, Tom Ford's stint at Gucci is one of the most memorable.

Resale price range: around $1,695

'90s fashion bag

Will ‘90s Fashion Last?

Yes. While trends come and go, the ‘90s seem to be particularly immune to the risk of fading out. As consumers begin to buy into all things vintage and pre-owned, a love for styles from different periods in time has developed. Although more niche trends, such as choker necklaces, might not consistently be viewed as the height of fashion, a general affection for ‘90s style seems set to remain firmly in place. The ‘90s have been resurging for quite some time now and there has been no slowing down its momentum.

Where To Buy ‘90s Fashion Accessories?

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