Fashion History: Canvas In Fashion

    Back to school but make it fashion. Ever wondered why canvas bags are so popular and where they come from? Let’s find out.

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    Canvas is everywhere. From coated canvas designer handbags to the branded totes you get free with purchase, canvas is a really popular fabric. It isn’t only limited to bags, either. Other fashion items made from canvas are typically outerwear, shoes, and sometimes clothing.

    What Is Canvas?

    Before we delve into the history of the fabric, let's talk about the composition of canvas and how it is produced.

    1. What Is Canvas Made From?

    Canvas is a fabric that is celebrated for its strong and sturdy construction. It is a plain-woven fabric, generally made out of cotton, hemp, and/or linen. Canvas can also be made from a mix of natural and synthetic fibers to make it more water resistant.  

    Modern canvas is usually made from cotton for a more cost-efficient alternative to hemp or linen. It generally has a textured and sometimes rough feel to it in comparison to other cotton weaves. This is what contributes to the sturdy construction of the fabric.

    The fabric is not only popular thanks to its durability, but it is also practical. The heavy-weight fabric is extremely utilitarian because it can be easily washed.

    2. Is Canvas Waterproof?

    Canvas is in fact naturally rather water resistant. But adding a polyvinyl chloride - known as PVC - makes it even more water resistant, and sometimes even waterproof. An alternative coating for canvas to make it more water resistant is wax, but wax is a temporary coating which needs to be reapplied.

    3. What Is Duck Canvas?

    The difference between plain and duck canvas is that duck canvas is more tightly woven. The more tightly woven canvas is, the more durable it is.

    What Is LV Neverfull Made From?

    How Is Canvas Made?

    It is made by creating a tight plain weave from threads. The threads cross over and under each other on a loom to create a dense, thick canvas fabric. Cotton canvas for fashion items is generally made with two-ply yarns, which helps to contribute towards a thicker and more durable fabric. Art canvas, however, is generally made from a single-ply yarn.

    Where Does Canvas Come From?

    Canvas is believed to date back to circa 1500 BC. The fabric was first weaved in Ancient India before making its way to Europe during the 8th century following the rise in trading. Now, canvas is made all over the world, as it can be made from varying materials.

    The fabric started being used for art during the Italian Renaissance. Canvas was already a popular fabric in the maritime world, as sails were often manufactured out of the sturdy fabric. Venetian artists went on to adopt canvas for their art. This was a natural progression because Venice was a port town and therefore canvas was already readily available.

    It is hard to pinpoint when canvas started being used in fashion, as it likely dates back to the ancient civilizations who first created it. Waxed canvas can be traced back to Scotland, where it was used for boat sails in the late 18th century.

    In the 19th century, canvas was often the base for embroidery. It proved to be a sturdy fabric to work with for the likes of cross-stitch. 

    Where Does The Word Canvas Come From?

    ‘Canvas’ is derived from the Old French word ‘canevas’. This word is believed to come from the Latin ‘cannapaceus’, which means ‘made of hemp’ and is linked to the Greek word for ‘cannabis’.

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    Where Can I Buy Designer Canvas Bags?

    In 1896, Louis Vuitton’s son Georges created the brand’s famous Monogram Canvas. It was created in order to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy their designs. Little did he know, it would become a Louis Vuitton signature to this very day.

    Thanks to the durable nature of canvas and coated canvas, the fabric is incredibly popular in all facets of the fashion industry. Whether it’s a high-end designer bag or a shopping tote bag, canvas is a celebrated and much-loved fabric.

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