Where To Sell David Yurman Jewellery

Wondering where to sell David Yurman jewellery? myGemma is a leading online designer jewellery buyer in the UK and the US.

Where To Sell David Yurman Jewellery

Where To Sell David Yurman Jewellery?

At myGemma, our team of jewellery experts have the luxury industry expertise to accurately value your David Yurman jewellery. We understand that our customers are looking for honest price quotes and a hassle-free selling experience. As such, our process was designed with ease, speed and security in mind. Sell online or in person in as little as 48 hours, with no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer. Simply click the button below to receive your bespoke price quote.

How Sell David Yurman Jewellery For The Best Price

While David Yurman jewellery is made of high quality metals and stones, some wear and tear is to be expected. Read more to learn how to increase the value of your item.

Maximise Your Value

The first recommendation is to keep your David Yurman piece in a lined jewellery or watch box to prevent your item from becoming scratched, scuffed or broken. Damage will cause a considerable reduction in re-sale value.

Keeping The Box

Keeping your original David Yurman jewellery box and documentation will help to retain the value. Any company looking to buy and resell your jewellery will ask for these items. If these are in great condition it will entice buyers to pay better prices.

Our Designer Jewellery Division

Our established Jewellery division holds Jewellery Sales Events around the world, runs Jewellery Consignment Programs and even manufactures our own diamond jewellery pieces. This gives us the ability to understand pricing structures in the market place in order to resell all David Yurman jewellery.

Appointments Available

If you prefer to sell in person, you can setup an appointment in Birmingham or London where one of our experts will value your David Yurman jewellery and make you an instant offer to purchase the item. Call us today on 0121-288-8280.

David Yurman, An Instant Icon

David Yurman has created timeless designs and notable collections of jewellery. When selling, this means that you retain more value for your item.

Although the Cable bracelet was David Yurman's first and most notable design, the brand now has many other recognisable collections including; Silver Ice, the Buckle Collection, and the X Collection, incorporating various luxury metals, diamonds and gemstones.