Iconic Chanel Boy Bag Review

Introduced just a decade ago in 2011, the Chanel Boy bag is a prominent, best-selling member of the fashion house’s handbag lineup every season.

Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel's longtime love, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel is the inspiration behind the name. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the bag has a more masculine, utilitarian vibe. When it debuted in the Fall/Winter Collection Lagerfeld described how “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact, it is the very spirit of Chanel,' that inspired the bag's creation. Below we answer everything you need to know about this infamous handbag.

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Chanel Boy Bag Review

Chanel Boy Bag Sizes

Over time, six sizes of the Boy bag have been made, even more than the Chanel Classic Flap handbag. Which bag sizes debuting in new colors and textiles every season varies. Below we look at the base length of each of the six sizes.

  • Mini: 6”
  • Small: 6.5”
  • Old Medium: 8”
  • New Medium: 10”
  • Large: 11.5”
  • XL/Jumbo: 15”

Other silhouettes of small, large, and medium sized bags with similarly inspired aesthetics to the Boy bag crop up every season. Modern, Boy-like designs in tote versions, wallet on chain, shoulder bags are a few examples of this.

Features Of The Chanel Boy Bag

The Boy bag is more boxy and modern in its design than its feminine counterpart, the Classic Flap bag. Similarly, it doubles as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Below we break down the features the Boy bag has.

  • Main body pattern of chevron or classic quilting surrounded by straight edges
  • Square/rectangular like shape
  • Lego brick lock
  • Thick half leather/half chain strap
  • One interior zippered pocket
  • Cloth lining

There are seemingly limitless variations of colors and textiles of this bag.

The more classic versions are most commonly made with lambskin, deerskin, calfskin or caviar leather. The body of the bag often features classic or chevron quilting. Some of the more unique versions over the years have had iridescent and black hardware while others have been made from exotic skins like stingray, crocodile, and python.

Is The Chanel Boy Bag Worth It?

The Chanel Boy bag has grown to incredible notoriety and popularity in just a decade. This is especially significant when considering that the Classic Flap came out 100 years prior. Seen as the ‘edgier younger sister’ of other houses at Chanel, the Boy bag is a great more casual addition to your closet that will still hold its value and style through time.

how to store a chanel boy bag

How To Clean, Care And Store A Chanel Boy Bag?

Investing in this bag means you’ll want to take good care of it so it can stay in good condition for years to come! Below are our expert recommendations on cleaning and caring for your Chanel bag.

Cleaning the interior: With a microfiber cloth or lint roller, gently wipe any residue or dirt lingering inside your bag. Next, use tweezers for any specks that are still left behind. The durability of the cloth lining makes it an easier bag to clean and keep clean than others from Chanel that are leather lined.

Cleaning the exterior: First, wipe the outside of the bag with the same microfiber cloth as you did with the interior. Additionally, gently use a fragrance-free alcohol-free baby wipe over the exterior to fully refresh it.

How often you need to clean your bag is up to how often you use it, but it is recommended due to the high value of this bag to have it professionally treated somewhere that specializes in cleaning high-end bags every or every other year.

Storing your bag: Place the leather part of the strap under the bag. Next, pull the chain strap and put the excess chain part in the bag. To finish, put your bag in its designated dust bag for storage in your closet or a similar space in your home.

How Much Does A Chanel Boy Bag Cost?

The price of this Chanel bag increases in boutiques every year. As of early 2022, the price range of most Boy bags is $4,900-$5,600 depending on the size of your bag, some even sell for more than retail due to their rarity on the resale market.

Where To Buy A Chanel Boy Bag?

While Chanel Boy bags are available at the fashion house’s boutiques, also consider the pre-owned market because it has more varieties and styles readily available. Shop expertly authenticated, genuine Chanel Boy bags at myGemma where you can get up to 30% off retail.

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