How to Shop for Sustainable Jewelry

We’ll show you how to shop for sustainable jewelry so that you can enjoy the best jewelry finds without straining the environment.

How To Shop For Sustainable Jewelry


Today more than ever, we have a growing social responsibility to live as sustainably as possible. While you may have ditched plastic, recycle religiously and are never seen without a reusable water bottle, have you extended sustainable practices into your wardrobe? We’ll show you how to shop for sustainable jewelry so that you can enjoy the best jewelry finds without straining the environment.

How To Shop For Sustainable Jewelry

The best way to shop for sustainable jewelry is to opt for pre-owned jewelry. Every 1 carat of mined diamonds causes 9 liters of fuel consumption, 2,500 liters of water usage and half a ton of Greenhouse Gas emissions. One single gold ring creates 20 tons of waste, containing toxic Cyanide. And pollution in land and waterways caused by mining has increased by 50% since 1950.

With this in mind, it is far more eco-friendly to shop for pre-owned jewelry than new jewelry. We all know the importance of recycling in our day to day lives, but may not have considered the importance of this when it comes to jewelry. Selling pieces that you no longer wear and choosing to buy pre-owned pieces are environmentally responsible decisions. It reduces the demand for new jewelry and mining, which in turn reduces the damage that this causes to our planet.

And the benefits to buying second-hand jewelry don’t end there. Pre-owned jewelry is also:

  • Affordable: Second-hand jewelry comes at a fraction of its original cost, which means that your money will go further. Allowing you to guiltlessly splurge on your favorite brands such as Tiffany & Co., Bulgari and Chopard without draining your wallet. At myGemma, we sell pre-owned designer jewelry at up to 80% off retail.
  • High Quality: The good news is that buying pre-owned does not mean compromising on quality. Luxury jewelry brands craft their pieces with high quality and durable materials designed to last. Once cleaned and refurbished, pre-owned jewelry can look just as great as the day it was first purchased.


What To Look For In Pre-Owned Jewelry

The most important part of shopping for pre-owned luxury jewelry is to make sure that you buy from a reputable company. With so many counterfeit jewelry pieces in circulation, where you source the jewelry from will determine whether or not you buy real designer jewelry in good condition.

At myGemma, our luxury jewelry experts are industry veterans who meticulously examine and authenticate every piece. With prices up to 80% off retail, you can shop for all of your favorite luxury jewelry brands while knowing that you are making a sustainable and eco friendly purchase. With our discounted prices, affordable monthly payments with our partner Affirm, free US shipping and 14-day return policy, shopping sustainably is now easier than ever.

How To Sell Your Jewelry

Do you have pieces sitting in the back of your jewelry box collecting dust? Whether it is an engagement ring, a Breitling watch or a David Yurman bracelet, we can help you guiltlessly sell the jewelry you no longer love while getting cash back. Simply fill out our online form to receive a competitive price quote on your luxury jewelry. Selling with us is always free, fast and secure. You can even get paid in as little as 24 hours after completing our form, or opt for store credit for 10% more.

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