Who Is Simon Porte Jacquemus?

Responsible for bringing the mini bag to the top of our wish lists is none other than Jacquemus. You might know all about the brand’s best designs but let’s shine some light on the founder and his influence on the luxury fashion scene. So, who is Simon Porte Jacquemus?

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Everyone is talking about Jacquemus. The cult french label is one of the newer brands to break into the luxury industry. Jacquemus has been having a ‘moment’ for years, with the brand exceeding expectations with regards to longevity and influence. Whether you know much about the brand or very little, you’re sure to have locked eyes with a Le Mini Chiquito bag before. The man we have to thank for bringing us Jacquemus is Simon Porte. So without further ado, who is Simon Porte Jacquemus?

Who Is Simon Porte Jacquemus?

Simon Porte Jacquemus was born in 1990, in a town northwest of Marseille called Salon-de-Provence. His career in fashion started when he was only 18 years old and moved to Paris. There, he studied at ESMOD, a private fashion school that has Olivier Rousteing as one of its notable alumni. Jacquemus only spent a few months at the school, as the sudden death of his mother made him question what would bring him joy and what legacy he wanted to leave behind. That’s when he decided to launch Jacquemus, at the age of 19. 

Simon named the brand Jacquemus to commemorate his late mother, as it was her maiden name. The brand is not only a celebration of his mother but also an ode to the South of France where he grew up.

The brand catapulted onto the scene in 2015 when Jacquemus was awarded the LVMH Prize special jury award. He was awarded €150,000 and a year-long mentorship.

One of the aspects that the Jacquemus brand is notable for is how much the founder is intrinsic and fundamental to the Jacquemus image. Simon Porte Jacquemus has stated ‘I don’t do clothes; I do stories’. This clearly demonstrates the importance of congruence and strength in identity for the designer’s collections.

Jacquemus has (as of October 2022) 5.1 million followers on Instagram. The account amalgamates both brand posts with personal posts from the designer, which range from personal to political. The designer recently got married to Marco Maestri, with a wedding attended by celebrities such as Dua Lipa.

About: The Jacquemus Brand

The Jacquemus aesthetic is all about concepts and silhouettes. Jacquemus rethinks what clothing and accessories should look like and what we expect from them. From exaggerated shapes to unexpected cut-out detailing to that mini bag, the brand is no stranger to playing with volume and infusing each collection with equal parts elegance and playfulness. At a Jacquemus show, one might expect to see a teeny tiny bag offset by a larger-than-life sun hat.

One of the key differences between what Jacquemus does in comparison to other rival brands is that their image has remained consistent. While other brands were looking to adhere to a societal shift towards streetwear, Jacquemus stuck to what it does best. 

The brand has created a buzz over the years that isn’t fading. In 2022, Jacquemus revealed its financials for the first time. The brand is on track to double its annual revenue to over €200 million by the end of the year and has plans to reach €500 million by 2025.

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The 3 Best Jacquemus Bags

  1. Le Chiquito Bag
  2. Le Piccolo Bag
  3. Le Bambino Bag

1. Le Chiquito Bag

The Le Mini Chiquito bag is the mini bag of all mini bags. It is thanks to this bag that micro accessories came to the forefront of fashion back in 2018. The most iconic of all Jacquemus designs, the Le Chiquito bag is now available in an array of different sizes, but the original mini version is what the true Jacquemus fans have their hearts set on (or already have in their collection).

2. Le Piccolo Bag

A bag from the archives, the Le Piccolo bag is not currently in production. This mini bag has a similar structured silhouette to the Le Chiquito, with gold-tone logo plaque lettering on the front. This style is crossbody with a longer strap, making it a practical choice.

3. Le Bambino Bag

In a similar vein to the aforementioned styles, the Le Bambino bag has a rigid shape for a put-together aesthetic. The differentiator with this bag is the wider, longways silhouette. The Le Bambino has the signature plaque lettering on the front and features a flat top handle and a longer strap for alternative carrying options. The bag line-up also includes the Le Bambino Long, which has a larger size and has a single shoulder strap. 

Where Can I Buy Jacquemus?

The default buying option is usually to go directly to the brand or a well-known retailer. While this means you can access the latest styles and colorways, it is the most costly way to buy. Jacquemus’s best-loved designs are the carryover pieces, such as the Le Chiquito and the Le Bambino bags. 

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How Can I Sell Jacquemus Accessories?

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