When And Why Do Relationships End?

    You may be wondering when and why relationships end, is there a common factor? From broken engagements to divorce, we take a close look at the statistics behind breakups.

    When And Why Relationships End

    When And Why Do Relationships End?

    According to a survey ran in 2018 by myGemma (all participants had all gone through a divorce or broken engagement) on when and why their long term relationship ended:

    • Approximately 20% of engagements were called off before the wedding.
    • Nearly 50% of all the breakups across all stages were caused by financial stresses.
    • Less than half of the couples going through break ups tried to make it work and only 17% regretted that they never gave it another shot.
    • Only 7% of both men and women blamed themselves for a failed relationship while over 13% cited people outside the relationship as the cause for the breakup. This is supported by the 19% of couples that said that their breakup was caused by disapproving family members, the second greatest cause of breakups across the board.
    • Over 25% of those that ended a relationship believe that a willingness to compromise would have made all the difference.

    Breakup Infographic: When And Why Do Relationships End

    why relationships end

    why relationships fail

    Interestingly, financial stressors accounted for nearly 50% of all breakups, followed by family disapproval, then differences on having children.

    40% of participants blamed their partner for the breakdown of the relationship, while 39.4% said that they were equally to blame.

    Over 44% of participants sought the help of relationship experts (couples therapy, individual therapy) before deciding that it was time to end the relationship.

    Perhaps the most positive finding was that the vast amount of participants (82.7%) did not regret ending their relationship (ending their engagement or having a divorce).

    How To Sell An Engagement Ring After Divorce Or A Broken Engagement

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