June Birthstone

June babies are lucky by nature with three birthstones dedicated to their birth month. Keep reading as we explore the origins and symbolism of June birthstones and shop our favorite June birthstone jewelry.

June Birthstone


June babies are lucky by nature with three birthstones dedicated to their birth month. June’s three birthstones are pearls, moonstones and alexandrite. Keep reading as we explore the origins and symbolism of June birthstones and shop our favorite June birthstone jewelry. 

What Are June’s Birthstones?

  • Pearls: Long considered to be a classic piece of jewelry, pearls evoke images of old Hollywood glamour and royalty. Many pearls are white, but they also exist in a wide array of colors such as gold, pink and lavender. These gems are a popular adornment for wedding dresses and veils as they are said to grace the bride-to-be with a long and prosperous marriage.
  • Moonstones: Moonstones were used by ancient civilizations in jewelry for their beauty and magical properties. People believed that during full moons, moonstones would allow them to look into the future. Moonstones became popular in jewelry during the Art Nouveau period with revivals during the 1960s and later in the 1990s. These gems possess the iridescence of pearls and are steeped in mysticism. Due to how light reflects between its layers of minerals, this gemstone’s shine is comparable to moonlight glowing in water. The most desirable moonstones have a milky, transparent color; however, moonstones are available in multiple colors such as yellow, blue, peach, and green. 
  • Alexandrite: This gemstone is known for its chameleon-like qualities. In daylight, alexandrite can appear a vivid green or bluish green, but under incandescent light, the gemstone can look deeply red or purplish red. Some call alexandrite an “emerald by day and ruby by night.” These color changes occur because of alexandrite’s unique light-absorbing properties.

Where Do June’s Birthstones Come From?

  • Pearls: Pearls grow inside saltwater and freshwater mollusks when an irritant, such as sand, enters their shells. The mollusk then produces nacre which builds up around the irritant over time, resulting in a pearl. Historically, pearls were naturally found in Persian Gulf, but overtime these pearls have been harvested. Most commercial pearls come from pearl farms where the mollusks are protected from predators and eventually have their pearls harvested.
  • Moonstone: This gemstone can be found across the world, including the US, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Germany.
  • Alexandrite: Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains during the 1830s and named after the heir to the throne, Alexander II. Alexandrite captivated Russians because its red and green hues mirrored Russia’s imperial military colors. Today, the Ural Mountains have very limited alexandrite production. This gemstone can be found in Brazil, East Africa and Sri Lanka which produces sizable alexandrite.

June Birthstone Symbolism

  • Pearls: According to mythology, pearls were the tears of mythical creatures such as mermaids and angels. In Ancient Greece, pearls were believed to have been dropped by Aphrodite as she rose from the sea. Today, pearls symbolize love, fertility and luck.
  • Moonstones: Moonstones have been attributed with bestowing clairvoyance onto their wearers. In Hindu myths, people believed that the stone was formed from moonbeams. Ancient Romans saw the moonstone as a reflection of their moon goddess, while Asian cultures believed a spirit lived within the stone, causing it to illuminate. Moonstones are used to help their wearers feel whole while granting them wisdom, peace, balance and health. 
  • Alexandrite: Compared to June’s other birthstones, alexandrite does not have as long of a history. Once discovered, people were quick to ascribe mystical properties to the stone. For some, alexandrite was a prophetic stone which alerted the wearer of upcoming changes by shifting colors. Alexandrite was also considered to be a traveler’s gem that could help the wearer converse with people of various languages. Wearers of alexandrite can enjoy a boost of luck, romance, health, prosperity, harmony and creativity.

Where To Buy Birthstone Jewelry

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