How to Wear Bold Gold Jewelry

We’re here to show you how to take your jewelry choices to the next level with our guide for wearing bold gold jewelry.

How To Wear Bold Gold Jewelry


Have you asked yourself how to wear bold gold jewelry? You are not alone. Some people can feel intimidated when it comes to picking the perfect bold jewelry and then figuring out how to blend it seamlessly into their wardrobe. We’re here to show you how to take your jewelry choices to the next level with our guide for wearing bold gold jewelry. With our style advice and top jewelry picks, you’ll be falling in love with your own bold gold jewelry in no time.

How To Style Bold Gold Jewelry

1. Coordination: Keep your outfit in mind when picking your jewelry for the day. If you’re committed to wearing bold jewelry, make sure that your outfit isn’t overly busy with various patterns. Keeping your outfit simple will allow your bold jewelry to make a statement and be the focus of your look. Also, you don’t need to be completely dressed up in order to pull off bold gold jewelry. Simple and timeless outfits will be effortlessly elevated with the right balance of bold jewelry.

2. Try Different Colors: With white gold, yellow gold and rose gold readily available, try out different colors and combinations to see what works best with your style.

3. Confidence: If you’re new to wearing bold jewelry, you might not feel entirely confident the first time you wear it. You can start simple with bold earrings or a single statement ring and build you style from there as you become more comfortable and confident. Start by picking a statement piece and forming the rest of your outfit and accessories around it. Once you fall in love with a piece of bold jewelry, you’ll always feel confident wearing it.


Shopping For Gold Jewelry

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