How Expensive Are Tiffany Engagement Rings?

    Our luxury engagement ring experts will explain how much Tiffany engagement rings cost, why they command their prices and where you can buy Tiffany engagement rings for the best prices.

    How Expensive Are Tiffany Engagement Rings?

    If you're in the market to buy an engagement ring, one of the brands that is likely on your radar is Tiffany & Co.

    The brand has a wide range of products at different price points, but, how expensive are Tiffany vengagement rings?

    How Much Do Tiffany Engagement Rings Cost?

    What girl doesn't dream of getting a little blue box with a Tiffany diamond engagement ring inside? If you are thinking about buying a diamond ring, you may have wondered: just how much do Tiffany engagement rings cost?

    Our luxury engagement ring experts will explain how much Tiffany engagement rings cost and how expensive they are, why they command their prices and where you can buy Tiffany engagement rings at the best cost.

    How Expensive Are Tiffany Engagement Rings?

    The cost of brand-new Tiffany engagement rings can start at $1,500 with extravagant rings costing well over $100,000. The exact cost of a Tiffany engagement ring depends on the size and quality of the ring’s center stone as well as the complexity of the setting.

    As not everyone has the funds to purchase the perfect Tiffany engagement ring, shopping for pre-owned Tiffany rings is a financially savvy solution. By shopping pre-owned you can enjoy beautiful Tiffany engagement rings at a fraction of the retail cost.

    Professionally polished and refurbished pre-owned diamond rings will look brand new. At myGemma, we sell a wide array of pre-owned Tiffany engagement rings in excellent condition starting as low as $125. And to make your engagement ring even more affordable, we provide easy monthly payment plans through our partner Affirm.

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    Why Do Tiffany Engagement Rings Cost So Much?

    There are three main reasons why Tiffany engagement rings are so expensive and cost so much:

    1. Craftsmanship

    Tiffany is renowned for the exceptional craftsmanship and beauty of their engagement rings. It takes over a year for a single Tiffany engagement ring to be produced in order to ensure that it lives up to Tiffany’s rigorous standards.

    The brand employs over 1,500 expert diamond cutters and polishers who work to maximize the beauty of each diamond, guaranteeing that the diamonds are always bright and vibrant. Every ring setting is hand-crafted to best accommodate its respective diamond and enhance the stone’s beauty.

    2. Gemstones

    Tiffany engagement rings can feature an array of gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and tanzanite. Using only the highest quality gemstones in their creations, these are sourced from exceptional raw materials.

    Diamonds, for instance, are always Excellent cuts, have great color and clarity grades and never have strong fluorescence. All engagement rings come with either a Tiffany Diamond certificate or GIA certificate, to illustrate the exceptional quality of their engagement rings.

    Both labs are revered in the diamond industry for their precise diamond assessments. As of 2019, Tiffany began including the country of origin in the paperwork for their diamond engagement rings illustrating their commitment to sourcing diamonds that come from ethical and environmentally friendly mines. 

    3. Reputation

    Since the brand's creation, Tiffany & Co. has been synonymous with exceptional quality, creativity and luxury. You are not only paying premium prices for the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that go into every piece of jewelry, but also for the Tiffany name and their iconic little blue box.

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